standard poodle

Newly shaved Ollie 4

Ollie is our 11 year old silver Standard Poodle. Today I gave him a haircut! I like to shave Ollie bald because he is more comfortable for a longer period of time. He likes having shorter hair. Plus when I shave it so short, I don’t have to comb him! […]

6.5 4

6.5, that’s my mood today on a 1-10 scale. 1 is the most depressed ever, and 10 is manic out of my mind. At 7 I start to worry that I might be having a problem with mania, and 7.5-8 is too far gone to be able to do anything […]

I can has cheese? 7

Ollie had surgery today.  He had a leaking mole and three cysts removed, and also a dental.  The vet said his teeth were amazing!  They needed a cleaning, but for a 10.5 year old dog, she was so happy about them.  He has never had to have a tooth pulled. […]

Face shot of Ollie in his blue cone of shame. You can see Hestia peeking by next to him, wondering what all this is about!