Monthly Archives: November 2020

Paleo almond flour bread

Since the paleo cashew bread is a little expensive to make with all the cashews, I’ve been trying out other paleo bread recipes. I found another keeper! This one is made with almond flour. It has a nice crispy crust, a good texture, and tastes good! It doesn’t taste exactly […]

Grrrrrr Amazon! 3

Boy have I had trials and tribulations trying to return an Amazon package! Apparently Amazon has a new policy where to get free returns, you have to drop a package off at a Kohl’s store. Last week I tried to do that, and I looked up Kohl’s hours online. They […]

Southern cabbage with sausage 1

Another keeper recipe for dinner tonight! Very simple, and pretty low in calories, too. I found the recipe at I used three tomatoes instead of a can of tomatoes. I doubled the garlic salt and Tony C’s, but found I needed more Tony C’s sprinkled on top when serving […]

Zesty salsa

Brad eats a LOT of salsa! He has beans and salsa almost every day. So the batch of salsa I made last time is all gone already! I decided to try a new salsa recipe this time. It is slightly different from Brad’s mom’s salsa recipe, but not too different. […]

The Empress is in 2

It was cold again this morning, so Hestia got to wear her Empress coat on our walk! It kept her warm enough so that she didn’t complain and try to head home early. Plus she looked super stylish! Maybe tomorrow we’ll show off one of her other winter coats, so […]

Mushroom stuffing

I made a really tasty mushroom stuffing for dinner tonight! I got the recipe from but I made a few changes based on the comments on the recipe. I used gluten free bread cubes instead of bread crumbs, increased the broth to 3 cups, and added an extra half […]