Veronica holds Hestia and smiles for a selfie in a restaurant with Brad

I’m a disabled woman who’s used service dogs since 2005.  I’ve trained three psychiatric service dogs for myself over that time period.  I used to be agoraphobic (afraid to leave my house) but my current service dog, Hestia, has enabled me to overcome that.

I have enjoyed helping others train their dogs to be service dogs or to refine their service dog training since 2007. In addition to assisting in many training classes for pet dogs, I’ve had the pleasure of aiding countless people with service dog training through personal sessions, meet-ups, and online.  To help mark progress in training journeys, I often administer service dog public access tests and service dog in training manners evaluations.

I’m fortunate in the opportunities I’ve had to advocate and communicate about service dogs.  Apart from my university teaching in years past, my experience includes giving numerous presentations and interviews regarding service dogs.  My qualifications have led to my serving as an expert witness in court cases and consulting for the US Department of Justice.

This blog celebrates my service dog adventures in life, which are often documented by my disabled husband Brad through his moving and still pictures.  I have several blind or low vision friends, so you will notice that I describe the photos and videos along the way (an easy way to increase accessibility).

I have bipolar disorder, PTSD from childhood bullying, agoraphobia, and autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. V wears a turquoise flamingo dress and pushes a full cart in Sam’s Club. Hestia, a small black and white dog with a smushed face, heels next to Veronica while looking up at her.

I am a doctor, but the PhD kind, not the medical kind. 🙂  I have my BS in Biology, and an MS in Genetics and Molecular Biology from UNC Chapel Hill.  I have my PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley.

Apart from being really into service dogs, service dog gear, service dog training, and service dog meet ups, I am also a Harry Potter fan (Ollivander and Hestia are characters in the series), and my second favorite series is Twilight.  I enjoy walking, re-reading books, and watching funny videos.  I’m a fan of court, cop, and reality TV shows.

I’m heavily involved with Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (where I am President), and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), as well as being a dog trainer and dog class taker with the Charlotte Dog Training Club and Courteous Canine.

My outfits tell you a little about my personality. You’ll pretty much see me only in brightly colored dresses and skirts because they are so comfortable and vibrant.  Plus dresses are a complete outfit with only one reach into the closet!

Contact me at DrVeronicaMorris @ gmail.com (take out the spaces)!

To learn more about me and my blog, check out this video: