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We were talking on PSDP’s email group about dressing our dogs up. So I decided to have a two dog fashion show by setting up a little black catwalk (table) in our yard! This post will include all of Hestia and Alice’s outfits, and all the pictures I could find of Sabrina and Ollie’s outfits. Ollie really did not like wearing outfits, though, so he really only had two outfits that was his own. I did not include more functional clothes like service vests, coats, or cooling vests.

In the first gallery we have pictures of Hestia in her thirteen outfits! Yes, thirteen!!! No, she’s not spoiled or anything LOL.

For those who are blind or low vision, I will quickly describe each outfit. Black and orange trick or treat dress. Green Yoda shirt. Pink crown sweatshirt. Purple flowers dress. Pink and blue sequin heart dress with a fluffy skirt. Bee costume. Turquoise and teal Asian coat. Red and white Christmas dress. Pink “girly girl” sweatshirt. Headless horseman riding Hestia costume. Iridescent mermaid bikini. Pink sun hat. Pink tutu with pink glitter crown birthday outfit.

In this second gallery, we have pictures of Alice in her eleven outfits. Hard to believe she’s only been here a year and already collected eleven outfits, since we only get them when they’re really cheap or even free! We’ve actually spent less than $5 on them, since most have been gifts or giveaways. Sometimes I took two shots from different angles to appropriately display the outfits!

For blind or low vision people, I will briefly describe each outfit. Pink, purple, and teal striped PJs. Pink and white striped PJs. Turquoise giraffe face sweater. Queen of hearts dress. Pink-striped fruit sundress. Orange, black, and pink cheerleader costume (an odd color combo). Pastel rainbow dress. Schoolgirl outfit with a white blouse and a grey plaid jumper. Pink leopard post-surgical/anti-lick suit. Red and blue flowers dress with a yellow bow. White birthday outfit that includes a dress with a cupcake and many colored layers of tulle for a skirt, plus a pink sparkly birthday hat.

Below is a gallery of Sabrina’s 16 outfits and a couple with Ollie in them! I had no idea Sabrina had the most outfits! Though to be fair, two are fleece sweaters, so it’s really only fourteen outfits.

For my blind and low vision friends, I will briefly describe each outfit. Purple plaid coat and matching newsboy hat. Pink princess shirt white rhinestones, a rhinestone collar, and pink sunglasses. Chicken costume. Vampire neck accessory. Princess costume. Snow White costume. Spider costume. Witch costume. Sabrina and Veronica in matching bee costumes. Pink floral sundress. Brown and pink sleeveless trench coat with pink sunglasses. Red reindeer antlers. Blue fleece with the word “dog” in every language. Black feathery sweater to match puppy Ollie who is almost as big as Sabrina already. Two pictures of her purple leopard fleece with rhinestone collar—one picture has Ollie in his rhinestone collar. Ollie in reindeer antlers and Sabrina in a Santa outfit. Ollie and Hestia in matching bee costumes. Sabrina in her pink rhinestone princess shirt and Ollie in a blue button down shirt. Ollie in a unicorn with a princess riding him costume alongside Brad in a manual wheelchair and Veronica.

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