Monthly Archives: February 2018

Training two dogs at the same time

(video below) Some people on our support group were asking how to train when you have two dogs that want treats.  So I decided to film me training Ollie and Hestia at the same time.  I tell Ollie to stay on the couch, then I do some heel training with […]

Veronica in a bright yellow shirt with green leggings giving Hestia a treat from front position. Ollie's head can be seen on the couch in a stay.

A desaturated picture of Hestia and Veronica. The only color is pretty much Veronica's turquoise shirt, otherwise it is shades of grey.

Mellow Mushroom and Sam’s 2

Yesterday was an errands day.  I had a psychiatrist appointment, and after that we went to Mellow Mushroom for a late lunch.  We had a groupon which expires very soon, otherwise we were pretty exhausted and wouldn’t have eaten out.  We got some pictures of each other, too.  I am […]