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Mason jar score 2   Recently updated!

I’ve been looking for quart mason jars for a month or so now. I think with the pandemic, people are more into cooking and canning, so they’ve been out of stock almost everywhere! Normally mason jars cost about $12 for a dozen. But they had them on amazon for $50 […]

Sit pretty check-in 1   Recently updated!

Hestia was having a problem of backing up when I was trying to get her to sit pretty, and also not being very stable in the position. So I tried something I haven’t seen in any of the youtube videos I’ve watched about it—having her sit back against a wall. […]

Starting to sit pretty

Yesterday afternoon we started working on a new trick with Hestia—sit pretty! This is when they sit on their haunches and raise their front paws up. I’m teaching it using luring. So I have her sit, and then hold a treat over her nose, a little up and back so […]

Happy 6th barkday 2

Today is Hestia’s sixth birthday! I got out some bandanas that were given to me for Ollie and Sabrina when Ollie was a baby puppy. They have doggy themed birthday items on them like a dog bone cake. Hestia’s was a little big on her, but I think they looked […]

Retrieve check-in 4 1

We’ve been working on the retrieve for about 3.5 weeks, which is a long time for most dogs to learn something… but Hestia isn’t known for her smarts LOL! She’s doing quite well! In today’s check-in, she demonstrates how she is reliably picking up the hankie from the floor! To […]