Monthly Archives: June 2019

Dreaming of service dog training 4

I woke up about 30 min ago from a really good dream, and I had to share my dream and thoughts about my dream, which were of me teaching a service dog class! I dream fairly often of volunteering in a strange sort of library or community center that offers […]

Getting our fiber

Today we went to Historic Brattonsville, which is a working Revolutionary War era plantation. They were having a special day celebrating everything fiber arts related. They have Gulf Coast sheep on the farm that they use to make wool, and they grow cotton. The interpreters all wear clothing made using […]

Ollie goes to the vet 1

Yesterday I was working on shaving Ollie. He had some things around his butthole that I thought were hemorrhoids. He’s had them for a long while, and they’ve never given him any trouble. As I shaved his butthole (yes, you have to shave poodle buttholes), I accidentally nicked one of […]

No chinny, yes guinea 3

Yesterday I spent most of the day without Hestia. After lunch, I headed out to go swimming with my friend Doc. Hestia gets really worried when I go in water, so I cannot bring her with me. Doc and I swam 7 laps! The last lap, I really pushed myself, […]

Airport service animal relief areas

We are going to be on a panel at an FAA conference next month. As part of that, I am consolidating my pictures of SARAs (service animal relief areas) at airports. Below are the pictures I have found from my collection of pictures. Thanks to Brad for helping make the […]

Frolicking in the fair weather 2

The weather here in Rock Hill has been wonderful today. The highs were in the upper 70s. Around 7PM, it was about 75 degrees and we decided to take the pups on a walk. It was gorgeous out! Thanks to my regular swimming, my endurance is up, so we were […]

So annoying! 2

So I haven’t been doing well for about a week. I have managed to scrape by going to events that were necessary, and by not thinking about anything at all, keeping my mind as blank as possible. I am feeling better yesterday and today, though, so I went with Brad […]

Fine 2

I use the word “fine” a lot. “It’ll be fine” when I don’t want to think about something. “I’m fine” when I don’t want to think about how I’m doing. Today and for the past few days I’ve been “fine”. I’m going to scheduled activities. I smile when it is […]