Monthly Archives: May 2019

Working out the body and the brain 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend Doc! We went swimming first, and had a really good workout! Normally we just do 6 laps. Today we decided to swim for 30 minutes, and in that time we accomplished 7 laps and some water aerobics. When we got out, […]

Happy 17th anniversary 6

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! We were married May 26, 2002. I can remember the date because I made magnets as wedding favors with the date on them, and I still have a few surviving ones on the fridge <3. Here is a Haiku I wrote for Brad: My […]

Freaking out 14

I’m having a really hard day. I was scheduled to have a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon. But they called me early in the morning to tell me she was ill and couldn’t see me until next month. I was all discombobulated waking up early. But at least I had enough […]

Stand video: day 8 4

Today’s stand video shows stand practice in heel position, and also some stand practice with Ollie there, too, to see if Hestia would learn from him. I did two too many reps with Ollie and Hestia both there– gotta learn to stop when it’s about perfect! I forgot to treat […]

A good day 6

Today we did a lot of things, and I did a great job handling them all! I think this is because yesterday was a rest day, where I didn’t do anything. So I saved up all my energy for today! I showered this morning, and then we went to do […]

Rally 101 week 6 1

Last night we had our 6th class of Rally 101. Before class, we had an early dinner to celebrate Brad’s brother’s birthday! He is one year older than me, and turned 40. I had forgotten how old I was and was shocked that I will be 39 in August!!! Rally […]