Monthly Archives: December 2017

Hestia is on my lap, wearing her red vest, looking into the camera. Rex is slightly out of focus behind her laying on the ground, looking at the camera as well.

Glasses Galore 2

Today we went to the eyeglasses store with Jessica and Rex, and Eli.  Eli needed new glasses, and Jessica told me that I have “a lot of style” to which I laughed at because Brad is always telling me I look like a crazy person.  But I do know my […]

Smooth in the Subway 2

Today we met to finalize our Wellness Recovery Action Plans or WRAP.  We went out to lunch first at Subway, and Hestia was great.  Not only did she heel extremely well with no treats (duh, forgot some!), she was also great in the store. She likes to stand behind me […]

Hestia in her Hufflepuff vest sitting next to a full sized dancing Santa. She is looking directly at the camera like "I ain't afraid of no Santa!"

I ain’t afraid of no Santa 5

Today Hestia and I went out for coffee with a friend.  It was really nice to catch up!  And to get a peppermint mocha!  Yum! Then we went to CVS.  Hestia has a lot of difficulty with CVS.  This is mainly because they have full sized moving Santas which she […]

Anxiety monster 4

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone.  It took me about a week to recover from our trip.  While I think my meds are OK, I’m dealing with a LOT of anxiety. Yesterday I was so anxious that I wanted to die rather than keep experiencing the anxiety. […]