Site accessibility & privacy

We strive to keep our website streamlined, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly whenever possible. We want to be accessible! If you have a suggestion to help us out in this regard, please comment so we can improve.

We also strive to improve how we create and deliver posts. This includes the standard use of anonymous data collection through third-party vendor software, such as Google Analytics (uses first-party “cookies”). This doesn’t tell us who you are, but lets us understand how the world in general is interacting with our site. We only want to know who you are if you want us to—that’s what commenting and accounts are for—and we don’t even want to collect anonymous data about someone’s use of our site if they don’t want us to.

For full disclosure, we have enabled Google Analytics Advertising features (uses third-party “cookies”), even though this is usually for sites that advertise products to make a profit, because we hope this will help us better understand the nature of our audience. Like with almost every other website you might visit, this involves the use of “cookies”. If you’re not hungry for more cookies, please feel free to explore resources such as the Google Analytics browser opt-out add-on.