Monthly Archives: February 2019

Three musketeers ride again 1

The past few weeks we have had to cancel our three musketeers get togethers because of various illnesses of ourselves and our pets. But today we rode again! I picked Doc up and we went swimming. I did 5 laps, Doc did 6. It was good to get back into […]

Fragile 6

Today I have been very fragile. When I woke up to feed pups breakfast, I was doing great! I had all kinds of thoughts about becoming a biology teacher, and teaching the whole course as a lab class so students would experience everything they learned about. No more memorizations, more […]

Googley to the rescue!

I was feeling a little off just now, so I told Brad and Hestia came running the minute she heard my voice. Brad narrated for her and said that she was saying “Googley googley”. Then he said “Googley to the rescue!” Hestia stared at me with her giant googley eyes […]

Bowling with disabilities video

It’s bowling time for people with disabilities– namely power wheelchair user Brad and tiny service dog user Veronica. I was still a bit down this morning, and I thought about cancelling my bowling plans. But I went anyway and boy am I glad I did! We went bowling with Dan, […]

Pizza and kombucha 2

Today has been better than yesterday. So that is good. I’m still doing pretty poorly, but I am actively feeling bad, instead of feeling nothing. So it is an improvement. I’ve not been able to do much today besides feed the dogs. It is even hard to follow the TV. […]

And now a down 4

Fair warning: This is a happiness-free zone today. Things had been going really well. I was really happy, and having a lot of up days. This morning I woke up and it was the opposite. That is the nature of bipolar disorder. Now I just have to hope the down […]