Monthly Archives: September 2019

Busy day and bravo Kilo! 1   Recently updated!

Whew, what a day we’ve had today! Hestia and I started out by enjoying the cooler weather and taking a walk. Then we rushed off to see our nurse practitioner who prescribes my psych meds. I LOVE my nurse practitioner! We talked about my recent foray into hypomania that happened […]

Orchestra and a clean house   Recently updated!

Today was our first visit from Katie, our new cleaning lady! She cleaned our house last month, but we were away and so didn’t meet her. Today we got to meet her and she is very very nice! She really liked the dogs, and they (especially Ollie!) loved her! When […]

Bagel day, Sam’s, and Walmart 3   Recently updated!

Today was a doozy! We met our NAMI friends at Bagel Boat for our weekly bagel day. This is where friends from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) meet and talk about anything and everything. My friend Tommy was there, and he sat next to me. This is really hard […]

Music with Doc and Dan   Recently updated!

Today I got to hang out with Doc and Dan! First I picked up Doc and we went swimming. We did 10 laps, which is great for us. We picked up Dan and went to a burger place for lunch, yum. After lunch, we went back to Doc’s place. I […]

Choosing a Chin 2   Recently updated!

This article is an example of how one can use the “Choosing the Right Dog” article from PSDP in practice to choose a breed. Please note that the breed being analyzed in this article, Japanese Chin, is not a common breed for service work, and won’t work for most people. […]

First orchestra rehearsal 1

After 21 years of not playing the violin, tonight Hestia and I went to our first orchestra rehearsal! I was SO nervous to go. Not only was I nervous about my skill as a musician, but I was super nervous about Hestia! I was really worried that people would give […]

Pictures and paintings

Today I took a video of all the pictures and paintings in our house. Below is a picture of a drawing of Brad that was done by some art students at an Historic Brattonsville event and it really shows off the multiple colors in his beard and his blue eyes. […]

Public access test scoring 1

Today I made a video on how I score the public access test (PAT).  This video is both for testers as a for example, and also for teams taking the test, so they know what to be prepared for.  Hestia is a great demo dog!

Love to be teaching again 1

Yesterday I taught my service dogs on the town class. I am so so happy to be teaching again! I have always loved teaching, no matter what the subject. That was one of my favorite parts of grad school– especially teaching the Genetics and Society class for non-majors. Now I […]

Law cards

Below I have uploaded law cards for service dogs in training as covered under South and North Carolina state laws, and fully trained service dogs as covered under the ADA. Below the picture of each law card, I will post the link to its accessible pdf. I recommend printing these […]