Monthly Archives: July 2018

Hestia the pouncer 1

We leave soon for a short DC trip, and I have been getting more and more nervous about our trip as it gets closer.  I have had lots of anxiety today, and Hestia’s been great.  When she senses I’m getting anxious, she runs over and pounces on my chest.  It […]

Hestia, a small black and white dog, looks at the camera from atop Veronica's chest. Veronica, a 30 something with purple and orange classes is mostly obscured by a Hestia body and head!

A wide angle shot of everyone at Bagel Boat today! In addition to Tom, Dan and Betsey, there is Marija (a 40-something woman with black curly hair), Meike (60-something with blond and grey hair, her husband Bill (60-something with mostly no hair), and Tony (30-something clean shaven on face and head).

A formal flapper at the cafe 6

Today was bagel day!  Every Saturday a bunch of NAMI friends meet at Bagel Boat and have food and coffee and we talk about everything.  We call it bagel day.  Today was extra special because a friend of mine (Betsey) had quadruple heart bypass surgery a couple weeks ago.  This […]

Papillons et Chin 3

In French, butterfly is papillon.  In English, papillon is a breed of dog– so named because of their butterfly looking ears.  So my halter-top dress is my papillon dress, because on its radiant blue background there are darker butterflies, with a border of black tulle around the bottom.  Lots of […]

Another fun pose with Veronica having one leg bent and her hands in front of her. Hestia is looking at the camera.

Veronica posing and showing off her new black fanny pack with Hestia off to the side. Veronica is doing a post where she bends her knees and puts one arm in the air.

A starlet in skull-duggery scarlet 4

Today was a very busy day!  First I met with CJ, Judy, and Steve to talk about fundraising for NAMI.  We met in a Starbucks inside Harris Teeter.  I got iced tea, and it was tasty.  After our meeting, I got to hang out with CJ for like 15 min […]

All dressed up with oregano place to go 4

Today we had to go grocery shopping!  Luckily I checked the mailbox before we left and found one of my new dresses in there!  It is a burgundy lace dress, sleeveless, and down to my knees.  So we had to get some pictures, of course!  Brad keeps telling me to […]

Veronica wearing a burgundy lace dress and red shoes, with long wavy brown hair, and Hestia wearing her yellow Hufflepuff vest, walking across the parking lot

Hestia the treat hog 2

Tonight we had a family dinner at Brad’s parents’ house with his aunt and cousin there, too.  We had a lot of fun talking and eating (Mom is a wonderful cook, and even made me special gluten and sugar free brownies!).  Miss Hestia had a lot of fun. First, the […]

Hestia at 9 days old. Picture is of a hand holding a tiny itty bitty black and white dog. She has black over one eye, and white over the other. At this point the breeder was calling her "Clown Face"

Clear cup with ice and a milky, frothy green tea. No straw :)

Gotcha Matcha 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend CJ!  First things first, we played with guinea pigs.  This is very serious business that MUST happen anytime it is possible LOL!  CJ has a special chair set up in perfect position to watch the little guinea pigs.  I got to […]

Front crosses in agility 1

Tonight we had agility class!  I am SO happy I went.  It is hard for me to get to this class because it starts at 8:20 and I am usually in bed by 9.  So at the end of the day, I am tired, usually not feeling like doing anything […]

Hestia on the wobble board. This is a piece of wood cut to a circle with half a ball on the underneath side so it wobbles. Hestia is a champ at this!