Monthly Archives: October 2017

Pee-eww funny! 2

This month’s #PSDPrompt ( ) is how your service dog makes you laugh.  A change in diet caused my first service dog, Sabrina, to become gassy.  She always farted during my population biology statistics class.  Sometimes students would have to get up to move away her farts were so smelly! […]

Drawing of silver service dog with toxic gas leaking out. A row of chairs with Veronica saying "oh no!", Another person plugging their nose saying "pee eww", and the teacher saying "Sabrina!"

Pink knitted washcloth with Japanese Chin on it

Chin washcloth 1st try 6

After about 5 years away from kitting, I have picked up my needles and some yarn, and did some self-styling to make a washcloth with a Japanese Chin on it.  This is only my first try, and I think that I made the tail too big, and the nose not […]

NAMI and coffee 3

Today my friend CJ and I went to a family-to-family course to talk with families of people with mental health challenges.  We each spoke for 10 minutes, and then had a question and answer session afterward.  We were well received, and it was fun!  Hestia alerted to me twice during […]

Veronica's sweater that she knitted has interesting patterns of burgandy and white around the collar of a turquoise sweater

Brad in hs wheelchair at the start of a curb cut which is being totally blocked by a van.

How (not) to be a good citizen 7

Time for today’s accessibility fail. Today was a voting day. We went to vote at our usual polling place, where everyone recognizes us. When we left, we walked down the sidewalk to the one curb cut that is across from the one handicapped space. Someone had parked their van right […]