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On Monday we went to Miracle Park with Scarlet and Skyler with Korra! Miracle Park is an accessible playground and park. They have an accessible baseball field, plus a lot of accessible play equipment in the playground area.

Everyone except Brad stands in the wind outside the main Miracle Park building

When we arrived we were shocked to see how packed it was! There were kids EVERYWHERE! Luckily every single kid who wanted to pet the dogs asked before petting, and we were able to explain that the dogs were working. They all understood and didn’t bother us again. It was really nice that they were all so respectful!

Everyone except Brad walks along the side of the playground.

At first we just wanted to sit and observe, so we found a bench to hang out on.

Everyone except Brad sits on a bench. Everyone except Veronica is smiling at the camera.

Then we started to explore the play equipment. There were these orange chairs that spun around in circles, so I tried those out!

Veronica holds Alice and spins in an orange chair. They both look like they’re having fun!

We also found a green and yellow platform that went around in a circle. It was flush with the ground so Scarlet could ride their wheelchair right onto the platform, and there was room for me to sit on the seat next to them, too! A little boy was very excited to push us around, though he wasn’t quite strong enough LOL! So Skyler with Korra stepped in to help push us. It was fun!

Veronica with Alice and Scarlet ride on the yellow and green thing, while Skyler with Korra and a little boy push us

I also got to swing on a big flat swing, and Alice loved it! I held her in my arms for most of the playground stuff, though she did seem to find the soft cushy floor a bit confusing when she did walk on it LOL!

Veronica and Alice smile big on the big swing while Skyler with Korra looks on

It didn’t take too long before all the kids became overwhelming, so we walked to the other end of the park. There was a guy skateboarding there, and he helped us train the dogs to ignore skateboards. He was very very nice, and we did some good training.

A kid on a skateboard is blurred as they get ready to skate past Skyler, Korra, Alice, and Veronica

Next we walked around the very edge of the park to the far entrance.

Skyler with Korra and Veronica with Alice walk along a path in front of a tree and the back of a stadium display for the stadium behind the park.
Everyone except Brad poses next to the Miracle Park sign

We circled around and found a sensory area with tubes you could talk into, pipes to bang on, and so on. That was fun, but we were all pretty tired by that point, so we decided to head to Starbucks.

Scarlet smiles into the camera as they talk into one end of a tube. Veronica is behind them, holding Alice. Skyler with Korra is in the back listening at the other end of the tube.

I have the Starbucks app so I don’t have to stand in line to order. I just place my order in the app and then wait for my drink to be ready!

Veronica with Alice stands at the end of the Starbucks counter while Skyler with Korra orders at the other end

We then sat outside for a while, drinking our coffee and chatting. It was great fun! Brad and I were having fun making funny facial expressions at each other, and he got some of that on camera.

Everyone except Brad sits at the Starbucks table on the patio and smiles
Veronica looks up sillily and Brad has edited this photo to have little hearts all over it.
Brad smiles into the camera, looking super handsome!

Scarlet got tired, so we took them home. Then Skyler and Korra came over to our place! We hung out in our back yard, and Korra had a great time rubbing herself all over the pine needles in our yard! Unfortunately Brad didn’t get any pictures of this part of our hangout.

We had a great time! I like the park, but I definitely won’t go back in an afternoon. I’ll only go super early in the morning when there aren’t loads of kids around.

In the pictures, I am wearing purple, pink, and blue leggings and a grey top with my hair in pigtails. Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin with a purple vest. Scarlet is wearing a daisy shirt and using a purple power wheelchair. Skyler is wearing black leggings and a black sweatshirt. Korra is a sable standard poodle wearing black boots! Brad is wearing yellow pants, a black blazer, a yellow tie, and a white hat with blue palm trees on it.

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    I have to say, until I saw the orange chair in the background of another picture, I was super confused as to how the chair was held up- it looked like it was floating! Apparently, your leg was hiding the post, lol.