Monthly Archives: January 2018

Training the human 2

(Video below. #ServiceDogArt for resolutions!) Today for Hestia’s heel training, we worked on training the human!  I am trying to get used to giving Hestia one lick of the treat at a time, and continuing walking while giving the treats, and holding and using a clicker, too!  Boy is it complicated! […]

Veronica in her new wool dress laughing, while Hestia sits in heel looking up at her.

New way of begging—heeling! 1

I’ve not been doing any heel training really since Saturday because I’ve been so sick with withdrawal from the Klonopin.  But I have been enforcing that whenever it is food time, I make Hestia heel with me across the room to get the food.  Same with going out.  She must […]

Hestia and Veronica in heel, with bits of crumpled paper on the floor

Heel among scraps of paper 2

Today I wanted to work more on walking past interesting things and keeping a heel position.  So I put a bunch of crumpled paper on the floor to tempt Hestia, and she didn’t even look at them she was so involved in the heel! Then I put some food items […]

Veronica in a black skirt and turquoise shirt with Hestia in her turquoise vest. She is heeling past some noodles and getting a treat from me!

Heeling at Sam’s 2

(Video below.) Today we went to Sam’s to pick up some things and work on Hestia’s heeling.  It was surprisingly easy to push the basket and use the kong stuffing to treat Hestia, but I’m going to have to get more of that stuff! Overall I give Hestia a B+ […]