Pretty good Hestia   Recently updated!

No pictures today, but I did want to share that we did a few errands today.  We had an appointment with my psych nurse, went to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions, stopped by Sam’s, and stopped by Staples.   Hestia was pretty darn good in Sam’s (and the other […]

Hestia-focused day 2   Recently updated!

Today was a Hestia-focused day. Of course there were the usual morning snuggles while waiting for Brad to wake up. I spent some time fantasizing about a galaxy fabric themed vest for her (black background with stars and purple and blue nebulas), and then thought that it would be super […]

Ultrasonic errands 5   Recently updated!

Today we had (hopefully!) my last appointment before getting insurance to approve my surgery. I had an ultrasound. Due to insurance inanities, we had to go all the way down to Lancaster to get it done. It was a long drive (40 min), but once we got there, we were […]

Gyno-ween 3

Today we went to see my gynecologist for another appointment before insurance approves my hysterectomy. Since it is Halloween, I wanted Hestia to be dressed appropriately. But I also wanted my doctor to see her as very professional so that he will be willing to fight for our access pre- […]

Pavane 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend Doc! I picked him up and we went swimming first– 10 laps! Next time we are going to do 11. I remember when we first started swimming and could barely complete two laps. We are in much better shape nowadays and […]

NAMI Walk 2019

On Saturday we had the annual NAMI walk. NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and I am on the board of directors for the local chapter, as well as volunteering for our chapter to give talks and lead support groups. Every Saturday my NAMI friends meet for […]