Vegan veggie lasagna   Recently updated!

A friend of mine told me about gluten free no-boil lasagna noodles, and this week Publix had them on sale for half off! So I bought two packages! Brad is gluten free and also can’t tolerate dairy. I found this recipe for vegan veggie lasagna: It is FANTASTIC!!!!! The […]

Portraits that Shein 2   Recently updated!

This week I got my clothes order from “Shein”. They sell things direct from China, but it only takes 2 weeks for them to arrive and they are much easier to search than Aliexpress. I got four outfits on sale (one outfit has leggings from Amazon) all for the fall […]

Retrieve check-in 6   Recently updated!

I’ve been very slowly working towards the retrieve with Hestia. I’m learning that I have to take really tiny baby steps! I got her to hold it for one second, then two seconds, then three seconds. Then I thought I could start taking it from her mouth, but every time […]

Then it hits how little I can do 4

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been feeling quite capable and almost normal. I’ve been actually thriving not having to leave the house except for grocery shopping and doctors appointments. I’ve been able to be more social with friends virtually, I’ve been able to get back into cooking, I’ve been doing […]

A niece video from Brad 2

Instead of having a party for our niece’s birthday, we were all asked to make videos for her. Brad loves videography and planning out and directing videos, so this was a task right up his alley! I suggested setting it to a song from Frozen, our niece’s favorite movie, and […]

When Brad is struggling

Last night Brad and I spent two hours filming a video for our niece’s fourth birthday. That was really overdoing it. He pushed through and tried to conserve energy as much as possible, but tonight while warming up some soup, he hit the point of no return. It got to […]


Today we went shopping for a new sofa. Our sofa has had springs popping out of it for the past six months, and the other day one of the two supports on my leg rest broke. I was willing to deal with springs until the end of the pandemic, but […]

Roasted sausage and veggies

I made the BEST meal last night! Wow, this recipe is a keeper! It is roasted sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and onion. Super easy to make, too! I adapted it from the recipe at the following link, my recipe is below the link. Below that is a picture of the […]