Twilight vest 2   Recently updated!

I’ve been dreaming of a Twilight-themed vest for a long time, and today I made a mock-up. Brad says it is too unprofessional for me to get it. I love it! So questions…. Is it too unprofessional? And can you think of anything else I should put on it? Hestia […]

Song and story   Recently updated!

Yesterday, we went to an event for the Patchwork storytelling festival. It was billed as “recommended for adults”, but held at 2:30 PM. Turns out the main audience were senior citizens! There were a few busses from senior homes in the parking lot. We were by FAR the youngest people […]

Things in a day 1

Something a lot of people don’t understand is how I (and many people with disabilities) can only do a certain number of things in a day, like going to a park or going grocery shopping at a store. I can do one thing a day for a few days in […]

From the wardrobe of wizards 1

Today we went to Harry Potter Science Saturday at the Museum of York County. We decided to sleep in a bit and go in the afternoon. Which was a mistake, because that’s what everyone else did! The museum had lots of special Harry Potter themed exhibits. Professor Umbridge and Hagrid […]

Pinch hitter Ollie 1

Today was a rough day for me anxiety wise. I did two things yesterday and had a psychiatrist appointment today. That was apparently too much for me. So I was having a very rough time in the waiting room. Hestia was not into helping me for some reason. She totally […]

I’m worth 23 cents 2

Lately I’ve gotten very into drinking iced tea. It keeps me hydrated and tastes good. Until I started drinking iced tea, I was chronically dehydrated. Now I”m not! However, I’ve been feeling guilty about the cost of my iced tea. I can get tea for 10 cents a bag at […]

Three musketeers ride again 1

The past few weeks we have had to cancel our three musketeers get togethers because of various illnesses of ourselves and our pets. But today we rode again! I picked Doc up and we went swimming. I did 5 laps, Doc did 6. It was good to get back into […]

Fragile 6

Today I have been very fragile. When I woke up to feed pups breakfast, I was doing great! I had all kinds of thoughts about becoming a biology teacher, and teaching the whole course as a lab class so students would experience everything they learned about. No more memorizations, more […]

Strange interaction but kept my boundaries 8

Today I went to Starbucks to meet with someone from NAMI for business purposes. We were mid-discussion about some new NAMI ideas when an quite senior lady came over and started to ask me questions about Hestia. She was polite in what she said, but a little pushy, too, like […]

Minty and fresh 2

Yesterday Brad and I went on a date. We went to the Mint Museum in Charlotte. It was really hard for us to get going. Since I’ve been ill, I’ve been home for most of the last week. So it was extra hard to leave the house. But I was […]