Coastal breeze for cooking 1   Recently updated!

Since I’ve been baking more and making kombucha, I have collected quite a lot of tea and gluten free baking supplies (you need like 5 different kinds of flour to bake various gluten free things!). Our kitchen doesn’t have a lot of cabinet space, so things were starting to jump […]

Not pleased with doctor’s office distancing 3   Recently updated!

Today we went to the doctor to get some bloodwork done for Brad ahead of his appointment with his CFS/ME specialist. We were NOT pleased with the waiting room situation! It takes several minutes to wait in line and go through their survey and temperature check to get in the […]

The generosity of friends 2

Recently we’ve had two friends sew us presents! First my friend Elaine made me a Harry Potter quilt, and then our friend Stephanie sewed us some masks! Brad didn’t feel like being a model, so I modeled all the masks and the quilt! Descriptions are below each picture, and there […]

Retrieve check-in 4 1

We’ve been working on the retrieve for about 3.5 weeks, which is a long time for most dogs to learn something… but Hestia isn’t known for her smarts LOL! She’s doing quite well! In today’s check-in, she demonstrates how she is reliably picking up the hankie from the floor! To […]

Hestia’s superhero origin? 1

Last night while I was asleep, Brad made a video using his new colored lights! It could be Hestia’s superhero origin story! Warning: this video has flashing lights. Description of video is below the embedded video. Description of video: From outside the window, you look in and see Hestia looking […]

Retrieve check-in three

We’ve had a breakthrough on our retrieve training! I’m now rewarding only for Hestia putting her mouth onto the hankie and closing her mouth. In this latest video I summarize the latest progress and do some training. A couple of times she actually takes the hankie from my hand! So […]

Retrieve check-in two

I’ve been working on the retrieve with Hestia. She got to the point where she was reliably going over to the dropped hankie. However, she was pouncing on the hankie and not getting her face anywhere near it. So yesterday I tried something new. I sat on the ground with […]