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Closeup of Veronica's face with her red square glasses and a happy birthday tiara on her head.

Family therapy increases my HP 10

It’s been a rough couple of days.  Ever since Saturday, I’ve really been struggling with a lot of thoughts of self harm and suicide at first, and then later just plain old apathy.  This morning we went to the doctor about a dark spot on my face, and she recommended […]

TRIGGER: avoiding chest pains 3

TRIGGER (for those who don’t know, this means I am about to say some stuff that could potentially make others feel really badly if they are not in a good frame of mind) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I’ve been having a hard day today.  Bagel […]

Expert witnessing case 5

The case I was expert witnessing for is over and a matter of public record so I can tell people about it now (the lawyer okayed it)!  Yay! It was a hospital access case.  The plaintiff had been denied access to an inpatient program because he had a service dog. […]

Expert Witness in the Big Apple 9

We are on the train home from New York City!  We’ve been here for a little over a week.  I was asked to be an expert witness in a court case, and so that is what brought us to NYC.  Half of our trip was expert witnessing, and half was […]