Monthly Archives: April 2020

Going to need some retraining

Today Hestia and I went to the grocery store. She’s going to need some retraining when this whole virus thing is all over with… We had to run three errands today, actually. First we stopped by Brad’s aunt’s house to pick up kombucha and chicken with a no-contact delivery. We […]

A spring day 1

Today was a perfect spring day! It is absolutely gorgeous outside. I took a couple of pictures in the yard to share with y’all. We have a green chain link fence that separates our yard from our neighbor’s yard. On that fence an expansive muscadine vine is sprouting out young […]

Peace and love

Today Hestia and I went to Publix to do some grocery shopping. The masks we ordered haven’t arrived yet, so I used one of Sabrina’s old bandanas which is a peace and love themed bandana. It is very colorful and even sparkly! Did you know how uncomfortable it is to […]