Monthly Archives: October 2019

Gyno-ween 3

Today we went to see my gynecologist for another appointment before insurance approves my hysterectomy. Since it is Halloween, I wanted Hestia to be dressed appropriately. But I also wanted my doctor to see her as very professional so that he will be willing to fight for our access pre- […]

Pavane 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend Doc! I picked him up and we went swimming first– 10 laps! Next time we are going to do 11. I remember when we first started swimming and could barely complete two laps. We are in much better shape nowadays and […]

NAMI Walk 2019

On Saturday we had the annual NAMI walk. NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and I am on the board of directors for the local chapter, as well as volunteering for our chapter to give talks and lead support groups. Every Saturday my NAMI friends meet for […]

The tourist effect 1

Brad put a name yesterday to a phenomenon we’ve experienced a lot. It’s when you go somewhere where people are encouraged to look around and interact with things. This is like in a museum, at a fair, at an amusement park, basically anywhere people are acting like “tourists” instead of […]

Featured in The Bluffton Sun

My friend Laura Kaponer wrote an article about psychiatric service dogs featuring Hestia and me! Check it out! (She had no say in the title, the editor chose the title) Edited to add: It has been republished with a much better title!

Close to the edge and good friends 1

I’ve been go-go-going for far too long for months now. I need at least two rest days during the week. But for many weeks now I’ve not gotten enough. I am close to the edge. I am almost completely overwhelmed by all the things I have going on in my […]