Monthly Archives: October 2019

Going out with disabilities 1   Recently updated!

Yesterday we went to the grocery store really quickly (30 min!) because bratwurst was on super sale. It is interesting going to the grocery store as people with disabilities. People treat you, um, interestingly! First of all, Hestia was really great in the store! I was very proud of her, […]

Black vest and mat 3   Recently updated!

Before I decided to stop doing orchestra*, my friend Deanna with Maxwell Smart and Jaxon T offered to send me a black Julius K9 vest with “service dog” on one side and “do not pet” on the other that didn’t fit her dogs. I also ordered a black fleece blanket […]

Close to the edge and good friends 1   Recently updated!

I’ve been go-go-going for far too long for months now. I need at least two rest days during the week. But for many weeks now I’ve not gotten enough. I am close to the edge. I am almost completely overwhelmed by all the things I have going on in my […]


Little girl was getting smelly after spending time in the sun, so today after the Panthers game, I gave her a bath! We use Dr. Bronner’s unscented soap, Dr. Bronner’s citrus rinse, and Dr. Bronner’s leave-in peppermint conditioner. Now she’s squeaky clean and just a tad mad at me! Pictures […]

Doctor does it right 3

Today we went to a new doctor who specializes in laparoscopic hysterectomies. I have had endometriosis for decades, and have over the years tried almost everything for it. Some things have helped, but it has always returned. I am sick and tired of being in so much pain for a […]

A little blurry in the foreground is Tripper getting a treat. In the background and in focus is Hestia looking at Tipper excitedly.

Office hours 2

Today we had our Service Dogs on the Town class. Barbara and Tripper were the only students today, and we had a great time! Tripper is now 11 months old, boy how the time flies! Hestia did much better this class. She is getting more used to working around Tripper […]

Resolution of cursed at and threatened 1

I just got off the phone with a representative of the school who is in charge of security. He was extremely nice and I enjoyed talking with him. He asked me for details about the guard so he could figure out which one it was. Then he apologized to me […]