Monthly Archives: March 2019

Considering hospitalization 5

Content warning: Suicidal thoughts It’s been a rough day. I am exhausted physically and mentally. I want to not be here anymore. Very strongly. I more not want to be here, not wanting to be present than actually wanting to do something to kill myself. I am considering hospitalization, but […]

Hanging with the bros

Today I met up with my friends Doc and Dan! First I picked Doc up and we went swimming. I was really tired (I don’t normally get up that early!) so I was lagging a lot. Doc helped cure me of that by allowing me to hold one of his […]

Ollie’s new response 6

Hestia had gotten a little lax in her responses to my episodes, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve really been reinforcing her responses and doing a lot of remedial training. She now will run across the room and jump on my chest and lie down with her paws […]

Twilight vest 2

I’ve been dreaming of a Twilight-themed vest for a long time, and today I made a mock-up. Brad says it is too unprofessional for me to get it. I love it! So questions…. Is it too unprofessional? And can you think of anything else I should put on it? Hestia […]

Song and story

Yesterday, we went to an event for the Patchwork storytelling festival. It was billed as “recommended for adults”, but held at 2:30 PM. Turns out the main audience were senior citizens! There were a few busses from senior homes in the parking lot. We were by FAR the youngest people […]

Things in a day 1

Something a lot of people don’t understand is how I (and many people with disabilities) can only do a certain number of things in a day, like going to a park or going grocery shopping at a store. I can do one thing a day for a few days in […]

I’m worth 23 cents 2

Lately I’ve gotten very into drinking iced tea. It keeps me hydrated and tastes good. Until I started drinking iced tea, I was chronically dehydrated. Now I”m not! However, I’ve been feeling guilty about the cost of my iced tea. I can get tea for 10 cents a bag at […]