Thrift store fashion and smoothie smashin’ 2

On Tuesday we went to Goodwill with Scarlet and Skyler with Korra! We are going to be doing a prom dress outing in May, and wanted to find some dresses to wear. Unfortunately due to COVID the dressing rooms were closed!

We looked through all the dresses, and I found a few that I wanted to try on. So I went over to where Brad was in the CD section with Skyler and I tried them on over my clothes! To avoid stepping on Alice I put her down and went to the end of the leash and stepped on her leash while trying them on. That worked OK but not great, so eventually I had Brad hold her.

Veronica tries on a lavender dress in Goodwill over her clothes.

I liked three dresses, so I got those. Skyler found a dress and a shirt, and Scarlet found a dress and a few shirts.

I had pouched Alice while looking at dresses, and so decided to try walking her around the store a little. She wasn’t super pleased about walking around Goodwill and didn’t want to go down narrow racks of clothing. But it was pretty crowded and not a good time to work on that stuff, so I carried her.

Little Alice in profile.

Afterwards, we went and got smoothies together! They put “DOG” on the cups instead of our names LOL! They didn’t have an outside area to eat, so we sat in our car with the windows rolled down. It started to rain, so we all got a little wet, but it was OK.

Scarlet, Skyler with Korra, and Veronica with Alice in the smoothie shop.
Veronica tilts her head one way, while Alice tilts her head the other.

When we got home, I did a little fashion show for Brad of my three dresses. The first is my prom dress—it is a light purple more form-fitting dress. It had a $120 price tag on it!!! I got all my dresses for $5.99 apiece.

Veronica shows off the lavender dress while Alice and Hestia watch from the hallway.

The second dress is a turquoise dress with a beaded belt. Brad got some more artsy pics of me holding my hand against my face in that one. I will wear this dress to my 20th anniversary party.

Veronica touches her face in the turquoise dress

The final dress is a more casual dress that is blue, green, and purple.

Veronica models the green and purple and blue dress while the dogs sit on the bed.

The only problem with shopping at thrift stores is that things smell like others’ laundry detergent 🙁 I’ve washed everything multiple times and the only dress that doesn’t smell anymore is the purple one that still had tags on it. The other two still smell too much for me to wear them around Brad.

Pictures are below!

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