Monthly Archives: November 2017

Conservatory with a service dog trio 4

On Sunday we went to the Conservatory with our friends Jenine and Kent.  I LOVE plants, and it was really cool to see the plants through Jenine’s senses.  Touching the plants, feeling how broad the leaves are, how fuzzy the flowers are, how thick the tropical plants are, and how […]

Hestia and Roger in front of the fish pond, holding very nice stays. There is a holiday tree in the background in a boat on the pond.

Friends with shared struggles 4

Today I met CJ and Dan for lunch and more WRAP training that CJ is doing with us.  I met CJ and Dan through NAMI.  CJ is even more like me, we both have PhDs and similar views on many things. Anyway, lunch went well, but after lunch Dan was […]