Monthly Archives: July 2019

Sam’s and new dress   Recently updated!

Today we went to Sam’s Club and I got to wear my new dress from Amazon Prime Day! It is blue eyelet lace, midi length, with bilateral ruffles down the front. Hestia wore her red mesh vest. Brad got a few pictures of us in the furniture aisle! Overall Hestia […]

August 7th, service dogs on the town

On August 7th from 3-4:30 PM I will be giving the Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation (ME) at TJ Maxx in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Afterward, we will go to Panera to grab a coffee/smoothie/etc and discuss how it went. RSVP please, details below. Remember that the ME is […]

Convention pictures! 1   Recently updated!

As a happy 7th anniversary to PSDP, we released the 2019 convention pictures on Thursday! They all have alt text descriptions. Brad posted more on his google plus page, but these don’t have descriptions. I will post a few of us below (many not on the PSDP page!), but the […]

Business cards 4

I have official Dr. V business cards! And they have braille on them, too! The front of the business card is oriented horizontally with text on the left hand side and a rounded picture in the top right corner of Hestia googling her eyes like crazy and sticking her tongue […]