Monthly Archives: May 2018

Ollie’s haircut

Over the past week, I’ve been giving Ollie a haircut.  Yes, I did say over the past week!  I started out by shaving his feet.  Then I did one back leg, then the other.  Next was each front leg with associated chest.  One side of his body, the other side, […]

Silver standard poodle shaved down

From the side of the t-shirt which has a Yoda on it!

Hestia as Yoda

In my last blog entry, I posted a picture of Hestia sleeping.  Chanda commented that she looked like Yoda!  So of course I had to take pictures of Hestia in her Star Wars shirt!  The shirt originally belonged to Peregrine when he was a baby puppy.  Hestia likes it a […]

Teaser pic from convention!

Today was a little bit hard because I slept until 3 PM!  That’ll teach me to go swimming and then out for dinner all in one day! I was feeling a little bummed, so Brad and I went through some of the convention pics (note, they aren’t all done!).  I […]

A small black and white dog with her eyes closed in a rainbow pouch. There is a reflective service dog patch on the pouch, and you can see Veronica's curly hair and 70s shirt in the background.

A small black and white dog stands on the pool deck, very close to the water.

At the pool again

This morning Hestia and I went to the YMCA for another water aerobics class!  We are trying to go to water aerobics 2-3 times a week.  I get tired, but not overly so during it.  I can tell I have used up some energy (as evidenced by long naps needed […]

Quick trip to Earth Fare

Yesterday it was Brad’s cousin Tam’s birthday!  We had a lot of fun celebrating it, but Brad pushed himself too far what with going out and all the DOT stuff he is dealing with.  Last night he was so weak he couldn’t even talk and could hardly eat. So I […]

Crooked picture of Hestia in front of a wine display

Picture of Hestia sitting on the pool deck with her blue pop up crate in the background. She has a bully stick underneath her, and is leashed to the ladder. You can see my town in the edge of the pic.

Swimming with Hestia on the side 1

Today Hestia and I went to water aerobics at the local Y.  This was my first time bringing her without Brad to manage her.  I set up her pop up crate and leashed her to a pole, and gave her a bully stick to chew. She did great!  Not a […]

Hestia missed an alert

I had a very difficult meeting today.  The subject of the meeting was fine, and all the people there were fine, too. It all started after I was already seated and I noticed a small dog walking in the room, pulling on its leash.  6 ft later, the handler came […]

Veronica in the middle of the pool wearing a blue swimsuit and blue goggles with her hair in a bun. There are several older ladies clustered around working out, too.

Water aerobics 2

Today we went to the YMCA for a low-impact water aerobics class.  Brad and Hestia came with me.  I have been practicing with Hestia on staying in her crate and quiet for longer and longer periods of time, so I thought she would be fine at the pool, and I […]

Atypical mothers 1

Mother’s day is hard for me.  And for many other women who are atypical mothers.  For me, it’s not “happy mother’s day”, it is more of “I recognize you on this mother’s day”. In my case, I lost my one and only pregnancy to a miscarriage about 4 years ago. […]

Bearded man holding Wii remote and long brown haired woman with glasses holding a small black and white dog.

Rest day with Brad 1

Brad and I decided to take a day off today!  I was still feeling a bit iffy from my tummy problems yesterday, so we took swimming off the calendar.  Instead we’ve just been hanging out with each other, watching Netflix, playing the Wii, and generally having a good time! My […]