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Retrieve check-in 4 1   Recently updated!

We’ve been working on the retrieve for about 3.5 weeks, which is a long time for most dogs to learn something… but Hestia isn’t known for her smarts LOL! She’s doing quite well! In today’s check-in, she demonstrates how she is reliably picking up the hankie from the floor! To […]

Retrieve check-in three

We’ve had a breakthrough on our retrieve training! I’m now rewarding only for Hestia putting her mouth onto the hankie and closing her mouth. In this latest video I summarize the latest progress and do some training. A couple of times she actually takes the hankie from my hand! So […]

Retrieve check-in two

I’ve been working on the retrieve with Hestia. She got to the point where she was reliably going over to the dropped hankie. However, she was pouncing on the hankie and not getting her face anywhere near it. So yesterday I tried something new. I sat on the ground with […]

One mistake 1

Today we went to the grocery store! We normally go on Fridays, but are gradually switching to Wednesdays because Wednesdays and Thursdays are the least busy days. So this time we went on a Monday. In a little over two weeks when we go again, we’ll go on Wednesday and […]

Shaped retrieve 2

Today I started teaching the shaped retrieve. A few people on the Psychiatric Service Dog Partners’ free online peer guidance group are teaching this together! I teach a shaped retrieve, which starts out with me dropping something soft and easy to pick up like a cloth hankie. At first, whenever […]