service dog

With bows on

Today we had to go get fresh fruits, veggies, and bread at Publix and pick up a prescription for Brad. I decided to put Hestia’s new hair bows in! She was SO cute with her purple hair bows on her ears and her purple galaxy vest on! She was also […]

Two WalMarts

Today I had to go out to get Ollie some chicken at WalMart. I went to the one nearest our house, and Hestia was GREAT! I was so proud of her! She hasn’t been working much, but she was really happy to work and really well behaved. She did sniff […]


Today Hestia and I visited the endodontist to get an opinion on my painful tooth. I was pretty nervous going in because Brad couldn’t go with me and I had never seen this person before. Luckily the whole office was GREAT about service dogs! They didn’t even mention that I […]

Not fearing strangers

I wanted to make a post about how I worked with Hestia to not be afraid of strangers. Japanese Chin tend to be a bit stand-offish to strangers, and Hestia was no exception when I got her. When people would reach out to her, she would move out of their way […]