Monthly Archives: April 2018

Vet and groceries 2

Today we took Hestia to the vet for her yearly exam.  It’s been pretty muddy, so I gave her a bath yesterday to clean her up for the vet.  The only problem is that no matter how hard I washed, I couldn’t get the yellow out on her tail and […]

Black and white dog peering over the edge of a table looking worried.

Veronica, Melanie, and Hestia. See description in text.

NAMI: In Our Own Voice 8

Today my friend Melanie and I gave four presentations of the NAMI In Our Own Voice (IOOV) to students at the Applied Technical Center here in Rock Hill (it’s a high school).  We had a total of probably about 300 students come to our presentations! Classes started at 8:30, so […]

Oh the sounds I can hear! 2

A good friend just sent me some hearing aids!  I love them!  They really help me hear things that I didn’t even know were missing. I can hear my keyboard click and clack with my typing!  I can hear Ollie’s nails on the floor.  The refrigerator makes a humming noise! […]

With the hair fully back you can see the entire hearing aid.

Using our heads and GUINEA PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I picked up my good friend CJ and we went to a walk that benefitted NAMI.  The walk started at 7:30 AM, so we didn’t actually go to the walk part!  Instead we arrived closer to 9:30 as things were winding down.  We mainly wanted to go to […]

Pack Pile 2

Today for most of the day,  I have been not doing so well.  A lot of self-hatred.  Hestia’s been coming up to me often to get on my lap, which helps. At one point today, Hestia was laying across my chest, Ollie had part of his body on my stomach, […]

Just hanging out 2

Yesterday was a rest day for us.  It was definitely needed!  We pretty much just hung out on the couch all day and went for a few walks and trips out to the garden.  Chanda’s garden is like the ideal garden.  All the edges of her yard are filled with […]

Elaine, Veronica, and Chanda sitting on Chanda's couch. It is a black huge couch with a grey wall and windows behind it. Yvie is at Elaine's feet, but you can't see her. Hestia has commandeered a body pillow, and Kestral is sprawled out on Chanda's lap!

A long day of travel

This morning we woke up bright and early and headed off to the airport. Unfortunately we were running late (big surprise).  Then when we got on the road, there was a horrible traffic jam with several accidents!  So we got to the lot to park the car only about 1.5 […]