Monthly Archives: March 2020

With bows on

Today we had to go get fresh fruits, veggies, and bread at Publix and pick up a prescription for Brad. I decided to put Hestia’s new hair bows in! She was SO cute with her purple hair bows on her ears and her purple galaxy vest on! She was also […]

Two WalMarts

Today I had to go out to get Ollie some chicken at WalMart. I went to the one nearest our house, and Hestia was GREAT! I was so proud of her! She hasn’t been working much, but she was really happy to work and really well behaved. She did sniff […]

Engagement challenge

Today Hestia and I took the engagement challenge! It’s 60 seconds of personal play with your dog. No food, no toys, no training collars/harnesses. Naked dog is even better. No pretending that you have rewards. It’s just you and your dog. Brad took video and a few pictures! I am […]

Chinfest 1

On Saturday we had Chinfest with Japanese Chin from the Carolinas. There were seven Chin in attendance, and it was so much fun! At first it was really hard to tell all the dogs apart since they all looked so similar! But it got easier with time. It was especially […]

Doggy Day 1

Today I’ve been focusing on the dogs. I had a nice time relaxing on the couch this morning with Hestia and got a picture of her asleep taking up a full third of the couch! Remember she is only 8 lbs! Later on I gave Ollie a bath with my […]

Helpful Hestia 2

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed tonight and kinda wanting to not be doing what I’m doing anymore.  Hestia’s been great.  I have to talk, and then when she hears the tone of my voice when I’m like this she comes running and jumps on my chest. She then lies there […]


Today Hestia and I visited the endodontist to get an opinion on my painful tooth. I was pretty nervous going in because Brad couldn’t go with me and I had never seen this person before. Luckily the whole office was GREAT about service dogs! They didn’t even mention that I […]