Monthly Archives: October 2018

Brad making a face that looks like he is cold with a cold-tinted picture of Brad, Ollie, and the face jugs.

Father, son, and face jugs 10

Brad loves face jugs.  Maybe even as much as I love guinea pigs!  Face jugs are local folk art in the Carolinas.  They are jugs (or other vessels) with scary/ugly clay 3D faces on them with interesting expressions (broken china is often used for teeth).  We have an old face […]

An animated gif with Veronica jumping up in the air and falling over.

A failed jump 4

While going through my pictures to find gear photos, I stumbled across the gif that Brad made of me wearing some new leggings.  I was trying to jump to get an action shot for the camera.  And, well, I fell over.  This made me laugh, so I’m hoping it cheers […]

An old photo of Veronica and Hestia in Earth Fare. Veronica is wearing a purple long sleeved dress, and Hestia is in her turquoise Omni-Vest. They are standing in front of a food display and smiling at the camera.

Grand re-opening? Grand re-disorienting! 7

Today was Brad’s birthday party– his actual birthday isn’t today, but we wanted to celebrate at a time when his brother could come.  We had a great time!  Brad actually had a bit of energy so was talking in funny voices and everything.  I almost laughed so hard I cried! […]

Hestia wearing an orange and black dress, Veronica wearing a turquoise outfit and waving to the camera, and CJ wearing jeans and holding a sign that reads "NAMI is kindness". This was take during the walk!

Stomping out stigma! 5

On Saturday we had our annual NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk for 1 in 4.  It is called the walk for 1 in 4 because 1 in 4 adults have been affected by a mental health challenge. I was a bit nervous because it was supposed to rain, […]

The perils of learning to sign 2

Today was the first of our ASL time– this is where Brad and I learn and practice ASL (American Sign Language). We have set aside about a half hour every week to learn and practice. We learned the alphabet today (well, Brad learned it, I remembered it) and some mood […]