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Brad making a face that looks like he is cold with a cold-tinted picture of Brad, Ollie, and the face jugs.

Father, son, and face jugs 10

Brad loves face jugs.  Maybe even as much as I love guinea pigs!  Face jugs are local folk art in the Carolinas.  They are jugs (or other vessels) with scary/ugly clay 3D faces on them with interesting expressions (broken china is often used for teeth).  We have an old face […]

Considering the creepy 4

Today at the Museum of York County, they had a special theme called “Spooky Science: face your fears” for Halloween.  They didn’t have any van accessible wheelchair spots, so we had to park across the street (the parking lot was very full!).  The museum staff are getting to know us! […]

The best picture of the lot! This on has Hestia in the foreground, facing to the side with her Hufflepuff vest on. Veronica is showing off her Hufflepuff leggings and cloak. The picture is taken from a very low angle.

An animated gif with Veronica jumping up in the air and falling over.

A failed jump 4

While going through my pictures to find gear photos, I stumbled across the gif that Brad made of me wearing some new leggings.  I was trying to jump to get an action shot for the camera.  And, well, I fell over.  This made me laugh, so I’m hoping it cheers […]

Gear fashion show 4

I am having a hard time today, so I texted my friend CJ and he told me to look at my Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) that he had helped me make.  I looked it up, and saw that making blog entries seems to make me feel better.  So I […]

Leash slide in turquoise that reads "Chronically Ill Awesome". Ill is crossed out with a red spoon, and there is a multihued unicorn on the side.

An old photo of Veronica and Hestia in Earth Fare. Veronica is wearing a purple long sleeved dress, and Hestia is in her turquoise Omni-Vest. They are standing in front of a food display and smiling at the camera.

Grand re-opening? Grand re-disorienting! 7

Today was Brad’s birthday party– his actual birthday isn’t today, but we wanted to celebrate at a time when his brother could come.  We had a great time!  Brad actually had a bit of energy so was talking in funny voices and everything.  I almost laughed so hard I cried! […]

Tips to avoid a #MeToo moment when petting my dog 9

Let’s talk about a sensitive issue. This is going to touch on a #MeToo topic, but don’t think you’re so insulated that it couldn’t apply to you. It’s about a situation that anyone can encounter in everyday life, service dog user or not. There is a great post out there […]

At the Equality March, Veronica in a brown dress holding Hestia, a small black and white dog. A person is petting Hestia and is literally an inch from my boob.

Hestia wearing an orange and black dress, Veronica wearing a turquoise outfit and waving to the camera, and CJ wearing jeans and holding a sign that reads "NAMI is kindness". This was take during the walk!

Stomping out stigma! 5

On Saturday we had our annual NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk for 1 in 4.  It is called the walk for 1 in 4 because 1 in 4 adults have been affected by a mental health challenge. I was a bit nervous because it was supposed to rain, […]

An exceptional state fair stroll 6

Yesterday we went to the South Carolina state fair!  It was “exceptional citizen” day which meant that everyone with a physical or developmental disability got in free.  Also one attendant per person could get in free, too.  So Brad was the “exceptional citizen” and I was his attendant. It was […]

Veronica in her red sugar skull dress, Hestia in her red vest, and Veronica wearing her new straw hat. They are posed in front of some cow butts!

The perils of learning to sign 2

Today was the first of our ASL time– this is where Brad and I learn and practice ASL (American Sign Language). We have set aside about a half hour every week to learn and practice. We learned the alphabet today (well, Brad learned it, I remembered it) and some mood […]