Korra’s prom party 1

On Saturday we went out to eat with a few of our service dog friends. It is likely the last time we will see Korra as she starts a life with a new handler when Skyler graduates. Lots of pictures at the end of the entry!

We had planned to dress up in prom outfits and go out to eat, but in the end only Brad and I followed through on that! I was wearing a form fitting lavender formal dress with my pearl necklace that Brad’s grandmother hand-knotted for me for my wedding. Brad wore a sparkly gold jacket and bowtie, black hat, and two golden poodle brooches (a recent gift from a very nice friend!). He also had on his black shoes with gold bees and spikes on them.

We met at Burgers and Barley, which isn’t a fancy restaurant but it is a nicer one. Luckily Brad and I arrived early to get on the waiting list, and by the time everyone arrived we only had to wait a few more minutes before our table was ready.

It turns out that it is a dog friendly restaurant (at least the patio is), so there were some other dogs there, too. Korra stayed in working mode, but it was really hot so I took Alice’s vest off.

I should have brought her cooling vest but I hadn’t realized quite how hot it was outside that day! So instead I kept dipping a napkin in ice water and wetting her chest and tummy. With that she stayed comfortable!

In addition to some of the regulars (me, Brad, Skyler, and Scarlet), Scarlet brought their friend Lennon and Skyler brought their friend Sofia. We had a lot of fun talking! Plus the food was good even though it took forever. They have gluten-free hamburger buns, so we’ll likely be back.

Afterwards when we left the restaurant, Skyler took Korra’s vest off so that we could all say hello to her. Everyone, especially Korra, loved it! Alice got to say hello to people, too.

We’ll really miss Korra, but her new handler is a very lucky person!

Pictures below! They start off with Brad and me outside the restaurant. Then there are pics of us inside the restaurant as a group, with Korra under the table, and several closeups of little Alice being cute. Finally there are lots of pictures of us outside afterward saying hello to Korra. We really wanted to keep these memories of Korra intact.

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One thought on “Korra’s prom party

  • Dan O

    I loved this event. Everyone is so happy.
    I also loved your “unbiased option” and I quote

    “several closeups of little Alice being cute. “
    Which by the way is very true.

    See you.