Monthly Archives: March 2018

Out on the town and into the doctor 2

Today we were very busy!  First we had out on the town class in Freedom Park in Charlotte.  We met in the parking lot and spent a lot of time there doing some really interesting dog training– basically training our dogs to sit automatically when someone comes up to pet […]

The trainer is bent down saying hello to Hestia. Hestia is so excited that she started spinning and leaping around, and this picture shows her with all four feet in the air, mid leap-spin.

Busy day

Today has been a busy day!  Especially for poor Brad.  He stayed up late last night filling out his disability recertification paperwork.  Then we had to get up early and get g0ing.  So his day started out with him in energy deficit. First we stopped by aunt Nancy and cousin […]

Brad reclining in his wheelchair. He is bundled up with a wool blanket and his Ravenclaw scarf and hat that he knitted.

Hestia in a black raincoat next to a shopping cart filled with healthy foods like kale, oranges, and apples.

Go eat worms!

Today after running some errands we stopped by the grocery store.  They were having a big sale in the bulk aisle.  This meant the aisle was really really messy with all kinds of spilled bulk items all over.  It was also crowded with people. Brad let me get a serving […]

This is Brad's favorite picture! It is of Veronica and Hestia walking together in front of the fountain. Veronica looks like she is in a photo shoot with her hair flowing in the wind, and Hestia completes the picture with her tongue sticking out LOL!

Promenade at Providence 6

(video and pictures below) Yesterday we had our second Out on the Town class this session.  We met up at an outdoor mall called Promenade at Providence.  They have a fountain in the middle of the mall, and some open green space next to it so we were able to […]

Around the house 4

The other day, Brad took some pictures around the house just for fun!  He got pics of Ollie (silver standard poodle), Hestia (black and white 8 lb Japanese Chin), and me (30 something hippie with long curly brown hair in a grey wool dress).  My favorites are below, and here […]

Veronica and Ollie leaning in towards each other, smiling together.

Veronica with a purple dental cloth over her chest and Hestia in her lap. Veronica is giving a thumbs up.

For a good time call Dr. Park 2

Today I had to get two fillings.  It was Hestia’s second time at the dentist with me, but her first time hearing the drill.  I was pretty worried about that and about if I’d be able to drive afterward, so Brad came with me and waited in the waiting room […]