Monthly Archives: December 2019

Happy Christmas! 4

Today we celebrated Christmas! We went first to Brad’s parents house to open presents. Brad outdid himself and everyone else this year with his present to his mom– he shaved his beard of 7 years!!! She was SO happy to see him clean shaven, and it surprised everyone else, too. […]

Lapping up medical care 2

Today was Brad’s phone appointment with his new Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) doctor, Dr. Lapp. Dr. Lapp founded the Hunter-Hopkins Center where Brad is being seen. He is in partial retirement, but has come back more to take over from Dr. Black. Dr. Black is the doctor that Brad saw […]

Impeachment rally 2

Last night we picked up our friend Scarlet and went to an impeachment rally! It was still raining a bit when we got there, but luckily it stopped! There were probably about 100 people there in the end, which is good turnout for a cold wet night. Both Scarlet and […]

Trudging along towards surgery

Today we went all the way to Columbia (1 hr 10 min drive) to see my surgeon. He moved practices from Lancaster to Columbia, so I had to see him in his new place to “establish care” for insurance. To keep everyone up to date, insurance has denied my surgery […]

What I eat, in pictures

I thought I’d share pictures of the food I’m eating in my new diet for those who are interested, and also to help me keep track. Below each picture is a description of the meal. Hope the pictures look as tasty as the food is! It still seems like a […]

Walk and Olive Garden

Today I picked Dan up and we went over to Doc’s house! We went on a 30 min walk around his neighborhood. It was chilly out, but it was great to get the exercise. We had a great time walking and talking about all sorts of stuff! Hestia wore her […]

Gorgeous garb 2

Hestia and I got new outfits! Hestia got a service dog coat, and I got a leggings outfit. Plus I got a medical ID bracelet. We got everything (except the service dog patch) from where you buy things from China for inexpensive prices but shipping takes a month and […]