Monthly Archives: June 2018

A fruity date at the Farmers Market 4

Today Brad and I went on a date to the Farmers Market!  It has been really hot recently, so we left the house early at 7:30 AM!  Those who know our sleep schedules know this was highly irregular.  The Farmer’s Market opens at 8AM and we wanted to get there […]

Veronica with Hestia, a small black and white dog wearing a yellow and black Hufflepuff themed vest.

Closeup of Hestia's face. She is a black and white small dog. Only one eye is surrounded with black, the other eye is surrounded with white.

Hestia doing her job 2

Today was water aerobics!  I woke up feeling a little off, a little at loose ends with reality, but I really wanted to go swim.  So off we went to the pool. Hestia was NOT happy when I got in the pool.  I tried doing water aerobics, but the longer […]

Casting a spell against psychosis 2

When you have had close experiences with psychosis, you have to be very careful what you let into your brain, as it can trigger psychosis or even just get you confused about what is real or not. When I get psychotic, I usually believe something like I am a magical […]

A drawing I did of pyschotic me. Drawing of a woman with short hair and red square glasses wearing a green tattered fairy dress, with fairy wings and a wand.

Who needs sugar?

Today we went to Sam’s.  We haven’t been in a long while, so we got to stock up!  Since I am now being refined sugar free, we bought 15 lbs of bananas to dehydrate!  We also got a couple of pictures in front of the sugar display– Hestia and the […]

70s looking photo of Hestia licking Veronica's teeth in front of a sugar display.

Veronica holding Ollie in her lap for deep pressure therapy on an Amtrak train. Ollie is a big standard poodle and is flopping off of her lap.

Ollie went bananas 3

I’ve written up the Ollie and bananas story many times for the PSDP listserv, so I thought I’d put it in my blog so everyone can share in the funny story! It all started when Ollie was a baby puppy.  Somehow (I think he was cooperating with the cat) he […]

Questioned at the dealership 2

This morning we had to go to the dealership to have our van ramp looked at. When I arrived, I sat down with Hestia on my lap. Shortly thereafter an employee came over to ask me questions about my service dog (normal general public questions) while another employee was talking […]

A bearded man in the midst of telling an exciting story with his hands fascinating two little girls, one with blond curls (my sister Vanessa) and the other with brown pigtails (me!)

Father’s Day

We’ve had a pretty good Father’s Day!  I got to talk with my parents on Skype, and then we went over to Brad’s parents’ house for dinner.  I am feeling much better today! To celebrate Father’s Day, I have uploaded a picture of my dad, my sister, and me on […]

Putting bad feelings to bed 2

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me lately, I greatly appreciate all the contacts, likes, and comments.  It is hard because when I am feeling this way, I don’t feel I deserve anything.  I don’t feel like I deserve to take up space, breathe shared air, etc.  So […]

Silver standard poodle laying on his new grey bed.