Monthly Archives: February 2020

Thank goodness for curbside voting

Today we voted in the primaries here in South Carolina, and I had to use the curbside voting because I fainted. We picked up Scarlet first and brought them to their voting place. I was able to go in there, but wasn’t feeling super hot. Then after we dropped them […]

Not fearing strangers

I wanted to make a post about how I worked with Hestia to not be afraid of strangers. Japanese Chin tend to be a bit stand-offish to strangers, and Hestia was no exception when I got her. When people would reach out to her, she would move out of their way […]

The Greatest Show 1

Today we hung out with Scarlet! We watched The Greatest Showman, which is seriously one of the best movies ever! And then we went to Harris Teeter for grocery shopping. If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman, you need to! It is a musical starring Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from The […]

Public access training

I see so many people pushing their young dogs, taking them out too early, and then them burning out as a result and not being able to be service dogs. So I decided to write up how I go about public access training my dogs in training. I start out […]

Some good memories

I was looking through old Ollie videos with his service dog friends and had to share some! Ollie, Iris, and Oliver riding the bus together (that was the first day that Oliver and Iris had ever been on a bus!): Ollie, Iris, and Teagan at Taco Bell– notice how Teagan […]

Fitting at restaurants

I have been out to eat with many large service dog teams.  The largest dog I have been out to eat with is a 250 lb English Mastiff.  We had zero issues.  I will post pictures below of meetups with Ollie (28 inch Standard Poodle), Iris (similarly sized GSD), and […]

Airport adventures 4

On Wednesday we went to the airport with my Service Dogs on the Town class! There were three dogs there– Hestia my Japanese Chin, Phoebe the Standard Poodle, and Avalanche the Great Pyrenees mix. Tammy with Phoebe stopped by our house, and while Brad was finishing getting ready, we let […]