Monthly Archives: December 2018

Where is my mind 2

How I’m feeling right now in music. The Pixies “Where is my mind”. Youtube video with lyrics: I don’t really understand the lyrics, but that goes with how I’m feeling.

Out of it 1

Yesterday I went swimming with CJ, and then we hung out with Dan. CJ told me I was acting a bit out of it– maybe my brain wasn’t working great, or maybe I wasn’t keeping up the happy facade that I try to so carefully cultivate. I still had a […]

Happy Christmas! 2

I woke up early this morning, Hestia needed to potty. Then I went back to sleep, but not until turning on the fiber optic Christmas tree! I love that tree! And the guinea pig statues underneath it! When it was a more reasonable time to be awake, I called my […]

This picture shows off Hestia's red Christmas dress next to Veronica.

More bitey face!

Visit from an old friend and new dog 1

Brad has known his best friend Rohit since high school. Together they founded a philosophy and religious studies club for their high school, and Brad went on to study philosophy, while Rohit went on to study religion. Rohit is a professor in Tennessee now. Yesterday Rohit came to spend the […]

Medication frustration 7

I started Latuda a little over a month ago.  Pretty much from the first day it worked.  I have been very stable this past month!  I think I’ve only been suicidal once!  And my anxiety is down, too.  Latuda is one of the three medications approved to treat Bipolar depression. […]

Another over the shoulder!

Fashionable frames 8

Today my new glasses arrived!  The frames are AWESOME!  They are round lenses, with frames only on the top of the glasses.  The frames are metal and mostly turquoise but with some other shades and colors too.  The colors are in rectangular patterns, kinda looking like flags.  Up close you […]

Medical practice makes perfect? 1

Today I thought I had an appointment with my psychiatrist.  Sometimes I am scheduled with one of his nurse practitioners, which confuses me but is okay.  Today a person I had never seen before called me back from the waiting room. She didn’t introduce herself, but when I got home […]

A selfie of me, Dan and CJ. Dan and CJ have beards and DJ is wearing a hat. I am out of focus and have hair in my face LOL! That's the kind of picture you get without a Brad there to make everything look good!

Intense discussion and friendship 1

Today I went swimming with CJ, and then out to lunch and hangout time with CJ and Dan.  I was not really in the mood to swim, but I know it is healthy for me.  When I showed up at CJ’s house, he didn’t feel like swimming either.  But CJ […]

The worst episode in my life 5

TRIGGER WARNING!  Suicide, pregnancy, cold turkeying meds, etc.  Don’t read this post if you are in a bad place! The worse episode in my life happened when I lived in Lompoc, CA, in our loft apartment.  It was about 5 or 6 years ago.  I had reason to believe I […]

Veronica with Hestia on her lap sitting at a table. You can see the poofy petticoat got stuck on the chair Veronica is sitting in!

A heady holiday party 4

Tonight was our annual NAMI holiday party.  We planned to stop by Tuesday Morning on our way there to get some more tea for kombucha, and for making iced tea, too.  We thought we’d leave the house at 4:30.  So neither of us set an alarm, thinking we would for […]