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Chinny Chin…at the vet 4

Today we went to our vet, Ebenezer Animal Hospital .  We had to get Ollie’s stitches and staples out.  One of the receptionists saw me holding Hestia while waiting for Ollie to come back out, and exclaimed “CHIN!”.  Turns out she has a 12 year old Chin named Bella, and […]

Same picture as before with Ver looking left.

In Focus 4

Today we went to get our eyes checked!  It had been about 8 years since we had our eyes evaluated.  We went to In Focus Eyecare: .  Everyone there was great!  We had really good service.  And they let Brad and me be in the room for each others’ exams. […]

‘Tis the season! 2

We got our little Xmas tree set up, with mostly ornaments from when we were babies!  The tree is a fiber optic tree and changes color.  Underneath the tree we put two guinea pigs resting on presents (ceramic), some old Amazon gift card containers (they are the right size to […]

Closeup of two ceramic guinea pigs with Santa hats on, with their front feet on presents.

Veronica wearing a purple sweater asleep in bed. Hestia, a small black and white dog, shares the pillow. Bun-Lamb (stuffie) is on the end of the pillow supporting my hand which is holding my cell phone. This is how I fall asleep many days!

Sleepy Sweetie 6

“Sleepy Sweetie”– that’s what Brad calls me!  I am doing well on the Latuda, no mood swings or depressive episodes since starting it yay!  However, it makes me even MORE tired.  I’m getting about 6-8 hrs a day awake now. I wanted to share this because people have been emailing […]

Musketeering 2

Today I met up with CJ and Dan, my fellow members of the three musketeers.  Normally CJ and I swim first, but we didn’t feel up to it today.  So I picked Dan and CJ up for lunch, and I brought Hestia with me!  We went to Waffle House!  I […]

Dan and me at Waffle House. I am wearing a black shirt, and have my arm around Dan. We are both smiling widely!

The chemical formula of Latuda. Basically it has lots of Carbon rings, a salt, and some oxygen and hydrogen and nitrogen. From

Starting Latuda 8

We went to the psychiatrist today.  He was concerned with the amount of depression I’ve been having.  So he is starting me on Latuda. He said there are only three meds that have been shown to be effective on bipolar depression– zyprexa, seroquel + prozac (there’s a combo med), and […]

Face shot of Ollie in his blue cone of shame. You can see Hestia peeking by next to him, wondering what all this is about!

I can has cheese? 7

Ollie had surgery today.  He had a leaking mole and three cysts removed, and also a dental.  The vet said his teeth were amazing!  They needed a cleaning, but for a 10.5 year old dog, she was so happy about them.  He has never had to have a tooth pulled. […]

Doing better today 5

TRIGGER: suicidal feelings but much less triggering than my last two posts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   9   Thanks to everyone who has sent me support!  It really does mean a lot!  My new hourly plan is at the bottom of this post, and it’s […]

Closeup of Veronica in a turquoise shirt holding Hestia. Veronica's brown wavy hair and Hestia's black and white hair are blowing in the wind.

A black and white photo of Veronica taking a nap on the bed with Hestia taking up Brad's position on his pillow.

Edits to my 72 hour plan 9

Edited to add: I am not currently suicidal!  Sorry to scare people!   TRIGGER suicide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I shared yesterday that I have a 72 hour plan to try to stop myself from committing suicide.  I promised myself that if I still feel […]