Monthly Archives: September 2018

Staying on the same meds 7

I am very sensitive to medication changes.  I have tried about 30 mood stabilizers/antipsychotics/antiseizure meds to control my bipolar disorder.  Most of them gave me horrible side effects.  I’ve been on prolixin (a very very old school antipsychotic) as my main antipsychotic for about 5 years now.  The only side […]

The Bun-Lamb fam 8

Origin story: One day, a long long time ago when I was an undergrad, we went to Walmart with friends.  It was about Easter time, and I saw this absolutely lovely stuffed animal that looked like a guinea pig.  It is tan, has a very fat, round body, four stubby […]

Bun-Lamb in the center (stuffed tan toy that looks like a cross between a bunny and a lamb). Bun-Bun on the right (purple peeps bunny with pink flower embroidery). Lamb-Lamb on the left (white lamb toy with googly eyes and a smushed face).

Hestia the merdog 4

A long while ago on Amazon Prime Day, I ordered Hestia a life jacket.  It is pink and includes a mermaid tail!  I’ve been meaning to get photos of it for a while.  Today a good friend of mine is having a hard time, and so I am posting the […]

Brattonsville brow sweat: Why the short face? 4

Today we went to Historic Brattonsville, which is a living museum of a plantation around the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They were having a special event today called “By the Sweat of our Brows” which featured people dressed as and talking about the slaves that worked on the plantation. […]

Big eyed Hestia looks at Mr. Horsey in amazement!

7 hours away from Hestia! 3

Today my friend CJ and I went swimming.  I left Hestia at home because she is uncomfortable at the pool.  And CJ is my service human when Hestia is not there. We had a great time swimming!  I think we swam for 20-30 minutes!  I was very tired when we […]

Wheelchair sidecar and tandem tow 3

When we were in NYC, I had a couple of high pain days when we were scheduled to be out and about visiting museums.  Luckily both days the museums had a wheelchair I could borrow.  But it was really hard to push myself around.  So Brad hooked an umbrella around […]