Monthly Archives: April 2019

Waggin’ Trail dog walk 1

Today was a local event called Waggin’ Trail dog walk. It is a walk around a local pond, and there are vendor areas for people to set up to sell things and spread the word about their organizations. Brad, Hestia, and I went and set up a tent for Psychiatric […]

Brad is going to a specialist 9

Well, it’s official, Brad is going to see a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephelomyelitis specialist at the Hunter Hopkins Center in Charlotte! My parents are going to pay for it (they don’t take insurance) as my birthday and Christmas gifts. Brad’s birthday present to me will be that he […]

Keep an eye on me 7

Tonight I am lowering one of my anti-psychotics (Prolixin) by half. I have the approval of my doctor, as we are trying to get me on just one anti-psychotic (Latuda) instead of the two I am on currently. The Prolixin works great for controlling my manias, but it leaves me […]

Rally 101 week 3

Last night we had our third class for Rally 101 (we skipped week 2 because of the PSDP convention). It was a lot of fun! We did a lot of work on heel position, rear end movement, and motivating by tug and playing. I brought Hestia’s rabbit tug for tug […]

Rally 101 week 1 pics

We finally got to uploading the pics from our first week of Rally 101. In all the pics, I am wearing a pink and green flamingo dress, and have long curly brown hair and small round turquoise glasses. Hestia is a small black and white dog with a smushed nose […]

Hestia gets Ollie’s ball 1

Today I took a toy out of storage for the pups. It is a chuck-it ball. I thought it’d be too big for Hestia, so I gave it to Ollie. Only Ollie didn’t care about it! Hestia did, though. I was so surprised that she could fit the ball in […]

Veronica and Brad at Olive Garden

Here is a picture from after the convention that Deanna took while we were out to eat at Olive Garden! Olive Garden was really nice, they gave us a really private large table for groups so all the puppers could have lots of room. That’s why I am leaning over […]

Convention wrap up 4

Today was the second full day of the PSDP convention. We started the day bright and early again, with a social breakfast in the room. Then Brad and everyone else got out their solidarity scarves, and we took a group photo! It was great to get people in there and […]