Monthly Archives: August 2019

First service dog letter!

I was going through some old records today, and came across my very first service dog letter! It is dated Dec 15, 2005. I started using Sabrina as my service dog earlier that year. I got this letter in order to take Sabrina on my first family vacation with a […]

New violin tunes! 2

I have decided to join a local community orchestra! It is an all volunteer orchestra for people of any level that has two concerts a year. I used to be a very very good violin player from the age of 6ish until the end of high school– almost always in […]

Belated birthday bash 4

Yesterday was my birthday, but we were driving home from Ohio so no party. Today we went to my in-laws for a party just for me! First we had to stop by and drop the rental van off in Charlotte. Our van (wheelchair accessible for Brad) had the ramp serviced […]

Ohio family fun 1

We’ve been visiting my family in Ohio! We left on Thursday and drove all the way there in one day! It took us 10 hours including stops and traffic, and I drove most of the way. It’s hard to remember that just 4 years ago I couldn’t even drive down […]

Purple vest 2

Hestia finally has a purple vest! On Amazon Prime Day, I found an updated purple version of her red mesh vest for only $14. I pounced on it, since the red mesh vest is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was out of stock, so it has taken a few […]