Monthly Archives: August 2019

Ohio family fun 1   Recently updated!

We’ve been visiting my family in Ohio! We left on Thursday and drove all the way there in one day! It took us 10 hours including stops and traffic, and I drove most of the way. It’s hard to remember that just 4 years ago I couldn’t even drive down […]

The Chronic Fatigue doctor 3   Recently updated!

Today we went to the Hunter Hopkins Clinic, which specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was a very long appointment and we are both exhausted from it. The appointment started at 9AM and we didn’t leave until 1PM! So this will be a short summary! We started the appointment with […]

Purple vest 2

Hestia finally has a purple vest! On Amazon Prime Day, I found an updated purple version of her red mesh vest for only $14. I pounced on it, since the red mesh vest is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was out of stock, so it has taken a few […]

Hestia laps it up at the dentist

Today we went to the dentist! We love our dentist and the staff in his office. We go to Dr. Park, and this is the second year that we’ve gone there. They are my favorite dentist’s office I have ever been to! Brad went first and I sat in the […]

Maxx training start

Today I had the pleasure of giving the PSDP Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation to Barbara and her pup Tripper. Tripper is a beautiful 8 month old Golden Retriever. We met outside of the TJ Maxx that we do all our PSDP testing in. Hestia was quite excited to […]

Three musketeers and NAMI

Yesterday I got to hang out with the three musketeers! Normally we start off the day by Doc and me going swimming. But I was in too much pain 🙁 In getting off of one of my antipsychotics, I forgot it was helping with my pain from endometriosis. Now that […]

Indian Chili 4

Yesterday we went over to Doc and Melissa’s house for an excellent dinner with our friends Jordan and Cassandra there, too! Both Cassandra and Melissa use Overtone to dye their hair fun colors—it is a conditioner that deposits color on the hair and works even on darker colored hair. Melissa […]