EPCOT: Morocco with many

Today is part I don’t know of several EPCOT blog entries (Brad tells me it’s 4 of 7!). In today’s entry, we’re finally all together!

We went to Disney World with a group of 10 people, including 5 wheelchairs and 5 service dogs. One person is also a service dog user, but didn’t bring her dog with her. For most of the trip, we were separated into smaller groups based on what people were interested in. But for one part of the EPCOT day, we were all together!

We were paused for a bathroom between France and Morocco with our small group including Karin with Brussels Griffon Callie Mae, Emily with Golden Retriever Lulu, and Emily’s husband Misha, when I heard Deanna calling my name! She and Chris were there in Morocco with us! Of course we had to grab a picture right away—no, we weren’t in the bathroom for it!

Deanna, Karin, and I all have the same make of wheelchair—the Whill. So it was fun to get all three of us in pictures together. We also all three have small service dogs, though Deanna’s Min Pin Jaxson was at home.

Then as the rest of our party members were finishing up with the bathrooms, the Tolles (including Sabrina with her Golden Retriever Indy, Faith with her German Shepherd mix Brida, and Russ) came by! So we quickly got a couple of group pictures. We certainly caused a scene with our large group including so many dogs and Brad making highly unusual noises to get all the dogs to look at him! A bystander offered to get a picture with Brad in it, too, but she didn’t make the strange loud noises to get the dogs’ attention LOL!

We decided to explore Morocco together! There used to be a bunch of fun shops in Morocco, so we went exploring in the alleyways there, but they had all been shut down after COVID and hadn’t reopened. Bummer. Brad got some shots of us exploring the Moroccan alleyways. Did you know that the King of Morocco actually lent one of his architects to Walt Disney to make the Morocco pavilion super accurate? It is beautiful!

As we were coming out of the alleyway, we saw a Photo Pass photographer taking pictures in front of a big fountain. Brad and I did not get the Photo Pass, but Deanna and Sabrina did, so we were able to do several group shots and couples shots of us and get the pictures from them!

Below is the big group photo of everyone and a portrait of Brad, me, and Felix taken by the Photo Pass photographer.

Everyone in their small family groups got portraits taken by the Photo Pass photographer, and Deanna was the one standing behind the photographer making noise to get the dogs to look at her! Misha got a picture of Deanna attracting Felix’s attention while we were getting our portrait done!

We were one of the first family groups to get our portraits taken, and then Brad got pictures of other people getting their portraits taken, too (every shot below is his)! When it was Deanna and Chris’s turn to get their portrait taken, we all started pretending they had a dog and trying to get their attention, too! So Chris stuck out his tongue and acted like a dog LOL!

After we were done with portraits, we did a little shopping…or rather Sabrina did! She loves to shop! She found a cute store in Morocco after all, and Brad got a few pictures of her in it.

After that, Deanna and Chris had reservations to eat in Italy, so they headed that way and the rest of us continued on around the World Showcase to Japan! We had a great time there, so stay tuned for that in tomorrow’s blog entry!

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