EPCOT: pearly Japan and marbly Italy

The next stop after Morocco was Japan!

The first thing we did in Japan was for Faith and Russ to get sushi from a food stand, and Emily to get boba tea! They ate it while we were near a trashcan and a nice janitor came over to talk with us. Deanna had gone her own way again, so it was me with Japanese Chin Felix, Brad, Karin with Brussels Griffon Callie, Emily with Golden Retriever Lulu, Misha, Sabrina with Golden Retriever Indy, Faith with German Shepherd x Malinois mix Brida, and Russ.

The main thing we wanted to do in Japan was to get pearl necklaces. We went into the Mitsukoshi department store and got in line to get our pearls at the Akoya Pearls counter. It was quite an experience! We picked oysters out of the tank, and the woman got the pearls out, cleaned them up, and gave them to us in a little ceremony. The ceremony involved beating on drums, and the dogs were all so good about it and didn’t care at all! Brad got two videos—the first one shows the dogs handling the drumbeats, and the second shows more of the process. He also got a lot of pictures, too!

Notice how far back from the counter I was—there was an oblivious little girl who kept standing in the way and preventing me from going all the way up to the counter. Eventually her mom did make her move when Brad was trying to take a video, but it surely was annoying how she was getting in the way of my experience! Kids often don’t understand what’s going on or how things work, so thanks to the parents who help them learn to respect others.

After we picked our pearls, we went over to the jewelry counter to get necklaces to put them on. It was a lot of fun picking them out! I got a heart shaped cage to put my pearl in with little sparkly crystals down the side. Faith got the same one as me! Sabrina got a sea turtle shaped cage for her pearl. Brad got some lovely shots of us looking into the mirrors as we tried on the jewelry. This experience was a great gift from Sabrina.

We found some fun snacks in the store, and Brad found a really cool bow tie! No pictures of the bow tie, though. Then we went to get some food at a Japanese restaurant back in a more serene part of the pavilion, and Emily and Misha went to find a service animal relief area. I didn’t eat anything there except a little of the candy we got, because I was waiting for a particular food item in Germany!

Next up on the World Showcase tour was Italy! We found a Venetian mask shop in Italy that had the most gorgeous masks! From watching videos, Brad knew that they kept special “scary” masks behind the counter, so he asked to see them. Brad took some pictures of us wandering around the stores in Italy.

When we got done with the shops in Italy, Brad got some pictures of us under the marble columns outside the store. It was just starting to get dark out, so we put our wheelchair lights on, and I turned the lights on for my Mickey headband. It made for some really pretty pictures!

In tomorrow’s blog entry, we’ll visit Germany! Stay tuned!

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