Disney World videos

Due to the amount of time it takes to edit pictures and videos, the order in which Brad did them, and my excitement in posting quickly, most of the videos we took were not able to be posted along with that day’s blog entry. So this is a post collecting all the videos together, plus one selfie Brad took with his cell phone camera.

The first video we took outside of the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs. That restaurant has a volcano outside it that occasionally goes off and makes loud rumbling noises and also puffs of air. It went off as we were eating our Dole Whip nearby, so Brad got a video to capture how the dogs reacted. Callie Mae the Brussels Griffon has seen everything and done everything, so she didn’t care. Felix the Japanese Chin was definitely worried, but he handled himself well. Check it out in this video:

The next video shows Karin with Callie Mae and me with Felix on the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. I did post this video in a blog entry about “fake-spotting” but for continuity’s sake I’ll post it here too. We are just hanging out on the ferry, excited to start our day! The ferry was very noisy and vibrated a lot, but the dogs had no issues.

Next up is Brad’s selfie, which he took while the rest of us were riding the Haunted Mansion. He is wearing a white iridescent sequin jacket, a black sequin hat, a lavender shirt, and lavender sequin Mickey ears.

Later on that day, we rode It’s a Small World with Karin with Callie Mae, Emily with Lulu the Golden Retriever, and Misha. Brad took a quick video of us on the boat together with the dancing animatronics in the background.

Near the end of our day at Magic Kingdom, we passed underneath the Tron ride which was amazing. It was a big, wavy half-dome with a glow of blue lights and the coaster zooming around. Brad got a video of the dogs and us hanging out watching the coaster zip by.

Finally, we took two videos in EPCOT, which I did post on the day’s blog entry that described those events. But just to be complete, I’ll post them here, too. They are of me with Felix, Sabrina with Indy the Golden Retriever, and Faith with Brida the German Shepherd x Malinois mix getting pearls from Akoya Pearls, where they open a clam to get your pearl. The first video has drumbeats going on, and the dogs didn’t care at all! The second video shows more of the process.

I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling along with us on our Disney trip! It was packed full of fun and adventure, and I enjoyed sharing all the pictures with you! Thank you to Brad for being our photographer and spending so much time and skill taking and editing the pictures and videos!

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