EPCOT: Germany night lights

By the time we reached Germany, it was dark out! The lights were so beautiful! Brad got several pictures of them. He used a special filter on his lens that makes each point of light have four streaks of light coming out from it (or eight, if he chose).

We quickly found the service animal relief area, which was quite small and on a very large slant so it was really hard for the bigger dogs to use. Felix the Japanese Chin and Callie the Brussels Griffon didn’t have a problem because they are small. But Indy the Golden Retriever and Brida the German Shepherd x Malinois mix struggled to fit! This picture shows Callie near the curb, and Indy trying to make some space to potty behind her.

Brad got quite a few nice portraits with the lights (streetlights, store lights, and fairy lights Brad held near the lens) while we discussed what to do next. My flower light up Mickey ears looked especially stunning at night and with Brad’s filter!

We decided to split up as I wanted to get some beer-fondue at one of the Germany stands, and Sabrina wanted to do some shopping in the Christmas markets. Brad came with me to the fondue stand, and as we got in line a German band struck up a tune and started to play. The noise was too much for the Tolles, who went on to the next country. Luckily it was OK with Brad and me, and the line was only about 5–10 minutes long.

Brad got a picture of Felix looking back over my shoulder, and a couple of the band.

The place was starting to really fill up as that night was the first night of EPCOT’s new fireworks show. Luckily Emily and Misha found us just as we were getting done buying the fondue! So we hung out together while I ate it, and it was SUPER tasty! The best thing I’d eaten my whole Disney trip to that point!

In tomorrow’s blog entry, we finish up our time at EPCOT. We were all starting to get pretty tired by the time we were done with Germany, and the crowds were starting to get intense. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s entry to see if we actually accomplished everything we wanted to at EPCOT!

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