EPCOT: Norway myths and Mexico move-out

Today is the last EPCOT blog entry! Tomorrow I’ll post assorted videos from our trip.

We started getting quite tired after Germany, and Felix was getting close to being done. So we skipped China and headed to Norway. On the way there, Brad got a beautiful picture of Spaceship Earth all lit up in blue and green! He also got a picture of my wheelchair from behind, all lit up in lights! I had light up Mickey ears, purple light up wings, white lights around my seat, and colored lights on my basket.

We met up with the Tolles just outside of China, and Faith came with us while Sabrina and Russ took Indy and Brida back to the hotel. Faith wanted to stay for the fireworks, which Brida didn’t love, so Brida went back to the hotel. We had to make a stop in Norway to see the trolls, though!

There was one big huge wooden troll that’s probably 7 feet tall. On our honeymoon over 20 years ago, we got a picture of us with it and wanted to replicate the picture, but people were lined up and it was hectic. So Brad just led us back to a calmer part of the store and got a picture of some knickknack-size trolls for sale. He also did a series of photos of Emily and Misha. Emily grab’s Misha’s cheek to “encourage” him to smile!

Our final stop in Norway was to visit the chapel, which a lot of people don’t realize you can go into. It was so quiet and empty in there, and was a wonderful place to relax and learn about Norway. Brad got a couple of pictures of some carvings on the tree in the center. He wanted to capture Odin, since he gave up his eye for knowledge and might relate to our disabled group. Then Freya’s cat had to join the pictures, because having an animal companion fit in with our service dog group!

As we walked past Mexico, Brad really wanted to ride the Three Caballeros, which is another dark boat ride. There aren’t many rides he can go on and he enjoys the atmosphere the dark rides create, so we agreed if it would be quick. There was absolutely no line for this ride, people were just walking right on. We did have to wait for the accessible boat to come around, but our wait was much shorter than It’s a Small World was the previous day.

When we got on, they put three of us humans and Lulu on one side, and only Faith on the other side, so our boat when it got in the water was tilting dangerously! We thought we were going to tip over, so Emily and Lulu quickly moved to the other side. Thank goodness because I didn’t feel like a swim!

The ride wasn’t that great, but Brad was at least happy we tried another ride he could go on. He got a few pictures of the animatronics in the ride, which were cool, but there weren’t a lot of them. A lot of the ride is video and animated.

When we got done riding, I realized my dress had been in the water the entire time, so my side was soaked! Oh well, we weren’t going to be there much longer.

The very last thing we did before leaving EPCOT was to grab an apple caramel crumble cake. The food blogs we saw said this was probably one of the best food items Disney has ever produced, so I had to try it! It was very good, but also very sweet and I couldn’t finish the last couple of bites.

Felix was pretty done by then, and Brad got a picture of him staring off into space underneath the box I’m holding with my cake in it. So we quickly said goodbye to Faith, who was staying at EPCOT to meet up with Karin for the fireworks, and Emily and Misha, who had to take the Skyliner back. And we headed for the exit. Brad got two pictures of Spaceship Earth up close on our way out. It has a blue background with red light points, which with Brad’s special lens look like stars of light.

We got back to our hotel without incident and fell asleep immediately LOL!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our collection of videos!

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