A new galaxy 3

Hestia’s new galaxy harness arrived! It was only $15 on Amazon! It seems like it might slide to the side a little, but I think with a little tighter adjustment on the belly it won’t slide quite so much.

It has a beautiful pink, purple, and blue galaxy pattern on it with black straps and reflecting threads. It has a long “tail” that extends down Hestia’s back. Originally I thought I’d be putting a patch on that tail part. But when I tried it on her, I realized that when she’s walking, her long tail which curves up and over her back would hide it.

So I’m thinking I’ll put a bar patch in the middle of the harness underneath the handle that goes down the middle of the harness. What do y’all think? Or should I leave the harness without any patches since I always have a leash slide on that says “service dog”? That way you can see more of the beautiful galaxy fabric.

I got pictures of the harness from the top while Hestia is standing, and some from either side, which Alice interrupted hilariously! There are a few pics of Hestia trying to pose nicely while Alice leaps on top of her! And I got pictures from the back while Hestia is sitting so that her tail is down and you can see the long tail of the harness.

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