Carts and crouching at Sam’s Club

This morning I had to pick up some groceries at Sam’s Club. Before checking in that I was there, I took 20 min to stand outside the store with Alice and do some exposure.

She did great! She explored the area in front of the doors without fear. She watched many people and shopping carts go by with interest.

Alice looks over her shoulder as a man pushes a shopping cart through the doors and starts to go behind her.

We even saw an employee pushing a giant stack of shopping carts, and Alice just sat there and watched as they went past.

Alice sits as a giant train of shopping carts goes past.

She also got pet by several people, including one little boy who was about 6-7 years old. She’s not been pet by too many children, and this was definitely the youngest one. She was a little worried, so I told him to crouch down really small. As soon as he crouched about halfway, she got really excited and came running up to him to get pet!

A woman crouches down next to her shopping cart to pet Alice.

She did such a good job, and even was able to do a few commands! I didn’t want to push anything, so after 20 min we got back in the van and checked in for our pickup order. Now she’s sleeping away at home, tired from her big outing!

In the pictures, Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a dusty pink and white plaid harness.

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