Bus basics   Recently updated!

Today our Service Dogs on the Town class rode the bus, My Ride Rock Hill! There were four dogs in attendance and a few people, too. Brad was there taking pictures, Scarlet came and helped with training and videography, Scarlet’s mom came to eat, I was there with Hestia, Barbara […]

Saturday skipabout   Recently updated!

Today I got to meet up with my friends Doc and Dan! But first we had to take Ollie to the vet. He has an upper respiratory infection that he picked up while boarding. He had a hard time sleeping last night he was so congested, so we went to […]

No dead dog stories!

Non-service dog users probably don’t realize this, but service dog users usually don’t want to hear about how peoples’ dogs died. It is a common phenomenon, though. For some reason, a significant number of people see someone with a service dog and their first instinct is to tell the service […]

Naturally sweetened cranberry sauce 1

Today I made cranberry sauce without the traditional sugar. I made one batch using agave nectar, and another using maple syrup. I used 1 lb cranberries, 1 cup OJ, and 1 cup sweetener. For the agave nectar I put a little less than a cup, and for the maple syrup […]

Pretty good Hestia

No pictures today, but I did want to share that we did a few errands today.  We had an appointment with my psych nurse, went to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions, stopped by Sam’s, and stopped by Staples.   Hestia was pretty darn good in Sam’s (and the other […]