Chinnamon bun cuddles the crier 1

Alice has started noticing when I’m crying, and coming over to hop on my chest! This is not something Hestia does. Hestia responds when I say “I’m feeling [insert negative word here]” by running over and jumping on me, or she notices when my mental health is really bad and does it on her own.

Whenever Hestia runs over and jumps on my chest, Alice comes running over and jumps on me too. I of course give frequent treats for lying on me when this happens, so she really likes these times LOL!

On her own, though, Alice has started noticing when I’m crying and jumping on me. I cry more often than I’m feeling badly mental health wise… I cry at a lot of commercials, for example, and today I’ve cried a lot at the 9/11 things I’ve read on Facebook or seen on the news. But mental health wise this is normal sadness and not my MI, so Hestia doesn’t respond.

But this is a good sign for little Alice! I’ve been noticing she’s done it about 80% of the time I cry over the last several days.

Picture just for fun of little Alice, a sable and white tiny Japanese Chin puppy sitting on the couch wearing a dusty pink and white plaid harness.

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