Today Hestia and I visited the endodontist to get an opinion on my painful tooth. I was pretty nervous going in because Brad couldn’t go with me and I had never seen this person before.

Luckily the whole office was GREAT about service dogs! They didn’t even mention that I had a dog with me the entire time I was there. No questions, no comments, just treated me like any other patient without a service dog. I loved it!

Hestia was also great! While I filled out the paperwork I had her lie on the floor next to me and she didn’t move a muscle. Of course during the exam on my lap she was great, too.

The appointment was so quick I didn’t have time to snap any pictures in the chair! He evaluated my teeth and said that yes I need a root canal on tooth 5. I have it scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll try to get some more pictures of me in the dentist office tomorrow!

For today you’ll have to settle for a selfie I took in front of a tree with red berries outside of the office. I am a woman with long curly brown hair and round turquoise glasses. I am holding Hestia, who is a white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes. She is looking into the camera like “I nailed it!”

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