Two WalMarts

Today I had to go out to get Ollie some chicken at WalMart. I went to the one nearest our house, and Hestia was GREAT! I was so proud of her! She hasn’t been working much, but she was really happy to work and really well behaved. She did sniff the floor twice in the store, but really not that bad. I didn’t even use any treats!

There were some empty shelves– we took a picture in the juice aisle which was for some reason cleared out! But mostly everything was in stock. One employee was really rude to me and got in my face and yelled at me “There ain’t no dogs allowed in the store!”. But I said service dog and went on my way. Everyone else was really nice.

I got Ollie’s chicken (a 5 lb bag of chicken quarters and a family size pack of drumsticks), beef liver, and some frozen veggies and fruit and headed to checkout.

While we were in line, someone came over and told us we had too much chicken! I tried to explain that it was just one week’s worth, but they said too bad, I had to buy one package today and come back tomorrow! I was very flustered, but gave them the drumsticks. I was also flustered because the person behind me kept running into me with their shopping cart!

But I made it through, and got checked out. We had already planned to stop by Brad’s aunt’s house to pick up eggs and kombucha, and there was another WalMart on the way to their place. So I stopped by there.

Hestia was even better in the second store! She was in a perfect heel the whole time, and ignored all the people oohing and aahing at her he he he! We got the drumsticks, so Ollie is set for the next week.

Then to pick up eggs and kombucha (which were left on he doorstep to minimize interactions), and then home.

On the way home I saw that gas was only $1.69 a gallon and we were at half a tank, so I filled up!

It was a good outing, and I am so proud of Miss Hestia! She is really a great little dog!

Below are pictures, enjoy! Hestia is a small white and black Japanese Chin with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a galaxy vest. I am a woman with long brown wavy hair.

Hestia in front of empty shelves that usually hold juice.
Selfie of Veronica and Hestia in the frozen food section.
Hestia with the cart while we were in line.
Hestia with the cart while we were in line.

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